A Dissertation on Trolls: Politics

By Dr. Jullian Comstock

Troll politics. You would think “What politics? They don’t have any society worth needing politics.” That’s quite wrong. Just because they don’t have cities, walls, and kings, does not mean they don’t have politics.

The first thing to know, is that Troll tribes or clans, are not actually family units. As I mentioned in my earlier dissertation on culture, trolls do not reproduce in the way of most races. This means they have no family unit. What we see as a Troll clan, is actually more or less equitable with a political party. All the trolls within the same clan will have more or less the same ideals and ideas. As those ideals grow and change, trolls may join, leave, or even found, entirely new clans.

Within a clan, leadership is usually maintained by the one with greatest Might. Even within a clan, a challenge may be made if it is thought the leader is going the wrong way on an issue.

The Troll “Nation” as it were, works on a very similar principle. The leaders of each clan get together, and decide things that will affect all of the Clans. There is some minimum number of members a clan must have to be allowed admittance to this gathering, so no, a single troll can’t decide to become a leader by starting his own clan of himself.

There is a Hedd Clan, of which the leader is the Hedd of all trolls. If the Hedd troll leaves his clan, and joins another, then the new clan is now the Hedd clan. Though this doesn’t happen often, usually the clan will follow their leaders ideals, and only individual members will peel off to join other clans.

Most decision are decided by combat, leaders join into factions on each issue, and simply fight it out in a mass melee. Winning faction is right, and their stance on an issue is accepted. The Hedd is in these debates seen as merely another clan leader, though being the Hedd, whichever faction he is in is usually bigger, and has an increased change to win due to his presence on the field of battle.

As every society, there is an organized way to change Hedd’s, this being the Challenge for Position.
The bid for position of Hedd is a bit of a drawn out affair, not done often. The challenger must first have the unanimous support of his own clan. Since clans are already mostly in aligned with their leader, this is usually not a problem, though one or two members of the clan may take the opportunity to try and claim leader status for themselves.
Once the challenger has proven his might to his clan, he then must face challenges from all the other leaders, those who support his bid for Hedd can simply acknowledge his might, the rest will fight him. He must defeat all the leaders who choose to oppose him on successive days. A popular Hedd, who is seen to be leading the trolls well, will have much more support, and hence more leaders who will stand against a challenger. An unpopular Hedd may find that none stand against the challenger.
Finally is the challenge against the current Hedd, which will decide who will hold the position. Simply enough, whoever wins is Hedd. Whoever loses is returned to just clan leader.
Depending on the number of clans currently in existence, a complete bid for Hedd can take weeks, or even months.



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