A letter home...

My Lord Father,

I send this missive in the hope that it and the carrier find you well. I bid you, trust Ra and her word as she has earned my confidence.

I will address the issues at hand in the order of importance, but please read through the entire letter before acting upon any information, no matter how dire.

Honoured Fletcher of house Stein has returned to us and has articulated the entire tale of his encounter with Hathroc. I want to stress first and foremost that Hathroc is not to be trusted, no matter what arguments were made by H. Fletcher. Although Hathroc believes himself just and prudent, he uses stratagem lacking honour, and without regard for the betterment of his people. Two of Hathroc’s chief servants are vampires named Brett and Jermaine and although charming, they will feed on those who stray far from a group.

Secondly, any promise that Hathroc makes about land or protection comes with a cost. Although he may agree to “give” Oaken Glenn a settlement, the conditions around his service and protection will be expensive, I am sure. Hathroc’s current citizenship, when larger, will be subject to a lottery in which he will cull those who are selected, thus allowing his vampires to feed. It has also been set that these same citizens will become undead slaves when they have passed. A disturbing thought, to be sure.

Lastly on Hathroc, he has proclaimed me his apprentice. This is untrue. I was offered apprenticeship and declined. Hathroc made a gift of knowledge to me to try and sway me. I have no intention to change my mind. There are dangers in Hathroc’s kind of knowledge that I do not wish to take on lightly, and I would advise the same caution to Oaken Glenn.

I believe that H. Fletcher has acted rashly in accepting a title from Hathroc and I do not believe that his duty to Oaken Glenn and his duty to Hathroc can stand together. Soon they shall come into conflict and I do not believe Hathroc will be a gracious master. Given this however, I do not wish you to think less of H. Fletcher. Hathroc is a convincing speaker; even I have found myself nearly swayed by his words. I will try to show H. Fletcher the error in his reasoning as we travel.

This brings me to my next issue. H. Fletcher has altered himself more significantly. The spider creature on his chest has grown substantially and I fear that it may start exhibiting more control or influence over the man. Additionally, H. Fletcher has given his eye as an open gesture to Hathroc. I know that the mysteries of the arcane are not your forte, but a blood or flesh sacrifice freely given has enormous evil power. I do not believe H. Fletcher knows the danger he may be in. Beware of him and Hathroc.

Lastly, there are a group of male warriors from a land very far away. They have an extremely strong culture that will feel very over bearing, but they are strong and they need a purpose. Their leader is lost, more emotionally than geographically, having lost his women and children to a devil attack. Please, I ask you to be compassionate and patient with this man. He may not join Oaken Glenn, although their strength would be worth the diplomatic stress. Instead the man may lead his company to embark on a suicide mission. It would be in the town’s best interest to convince him to do otherwise, although do not attempt to push him too firmly or you may find a violent reaction.

I suppose I erred when I said my last piece of discussion was the foreign warriors, although I will try not to waste paper as it is a limited commodity.

I have learnt and grown much myself since we last spoke. My draconic heritage has become more pronounced and I believe that it will attract our enemy to me. I am seeking a way to hide this before returning to Oaken Glenn. If I cannot, I am unsure what course of action I shall take. Furthermore, I have discovered what seems to be a very rare and very unique power. I cannot say more of it in this letter for fear that it may be intercepted. Although I am unsure as to the usefulness or power of this ability, it is extremely interesting and must be studied further.

I have one final thing to say before I finish this missive. As discussed earlier, my very presence endangers my party and draws our enemy to me. It is safe to say that there is something about me that they desire and I suspect that my draconic heritage and my casting ability are no small contributors. It is for this reason that I have decided that if the need should arise I will barter for my allies release with my own life. If my allies should return without me, and give this reason for my absence, know that they are telling the truth and that I have chosen my fate. If all goes well, I may still return to you.

I wish you, and indeed all of Oaken Glenn, the best. Say hi to the leshies for me and tell them that the man with the stick who cannot dig looks forward to speaking with them once again.

Written in my own hand,

Entares of House Anderson

P.S. Aduin is doing well, ranging further and more confidently than ever before. He cares deeply for our house and all of the town’s folk.



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