a mission

Hon. Entares of house Anderson

We have an opportunity, but we will need to work quickly, you will also want your companions with you, I think you’re reunion date is close enough but we don’t want to wait longer. In the south of Honastica near what used to be Treefall I have found a cypher. A group of rouge Argylians who are conducting rituals for the enemies. They seem to be leeching power from the sun and harnessing it into a crystal. This is bad for many obvious reasons.

As I can tell there seems to be only one devil overseeing the entire encampment, the rest appear to half a dozen casters and many acolytes. I need you are you’re companions to go in there, stop the ritual, destroy all components for the ritual so it cannot be resumed. Destroy the devil, and kill the casters and acolytes. If you can safely capture 1 caster to bring back for questioning that is an asset, but don’t risk yourselves to it, also if you can safely bring back the power crystal that is a major asset, but if you need to destroy it to keep the enemy from having it that is fine. WARNING destroying a power crystal is liking to be tricky and cause much devastation when achieved.

The devil overseer seems to have a teleport redirect within 80 miles of the ritual site… smart fellow, so I can drop you near, but you will have to get out on your own and then signal me for pick up once you are clear. I cannot overstate how important this is, if we succeed here the temperature could rise by up to ten degrees this winter making it much milder for our troops, flora and fauna.

Please let me know your thoughts as soon as you have marshaled them

Eat Illi



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