A moment of calm

Fletcher stepped back as soon as Entares had, though he did remember to close the door as he did so, well at least his side. They had been hoping for survivors to still be holed up within the keep yes, the legendary mage knights no less. But the general appearance of the keep had made that seem unlikely in the last minutes. Coming into this hall to find a Drow, and apparently having just killed another. The elvish bard back at the village had mentioned Drow. With a fair bit of spite, and definitely not unbiased, far from Fletcher to heedlessly trust elvish words on another beings disposition. But this time there had been others, humans, dwarves, a few books, that could verify what the Elves had said.

Besides, Drow lived in the underground right? The aberrant came from there, it would seem likely the Drow would have been either one of the earliest hit by the war, or make an alliance of some sorts with the creatures they shared caves with. If they had been the first hit, there would have been survivors to warn the nations above of what was transpiring, either voluntarily, or through interrogation after being caught. The lack of Drow fleeing a lost war, meant they had either been taken out extremely quickly, or they had made a deal. Everything he had ever heard about Drow made the first seem extremely unlikely.

Next to him, Entares hissed for a sword, and Fletcher passed it to him without question, and made quick to secure his boots. “Prepare yourself Spiderbro. Battle will soon be upon us. I do not think I have ever seen Entares so… scared?”

“Should have passed on the message for Entares earlier… But the time had not seemed right. Not like there’s anything we could have done had he been aware. I think. We shall see.” Fletcher thought to himself, as he closed his eyes for a moment, and took a deep breath. He quickly began a silent mantra in his head, starting the rhythm of battle for when the first blows are struck. It brought a calm to his mind, and made things so much clearer. If the Drow can be dealt with, Emberkith will see to it. If it can not…. it will be dealt with.



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