A Pregnant Pause

(After the Security Council meeting, but before the group disperses, Vulcana asks to speak with the rest of the group.)

All of this Security Council discussion has been necessary but very tiring. With that over with for now, I have a somewhat personal matter to discuss with all of you. Normally, I would consider this a private matter but I feel I have to talk about it.

Fate being such as it is, I will be heavily pregnant during the upcoming battle to break the siege on the dwarven stronghold. Depending on how long it lasts, I could give birth during the battle or immediately in afterwards. I thought maybe I could safely induce labour before the battle, but it looks like that is not possible. The baby will just be coming when he/she wants to, but I have no idea when that might be.

Look, I’m scared. I don’t really have a plan here. I’m worried that I’ll go into labour during the battle. I’m worried that if I take part in the battle, I’ll be injured and the baby will be harmed. I’m worried that Cthulhu followers will steal my baby and sacrifice it to him. I’m worried Cthulhu needs my blood or the blood of my baby to raise R’yleh. I worry greatly for the safety of the child. When I was Reyna, Cthulhu himself offered to get us past the Gates of Erindale if I would sacrifice my first born child with Sinon. I said no, of course, even as Reyna, I would never do that. However, that and the fact that Cthulhu followers are very much into sacrificing infants/children, leads me to worry for my child.

If I’m pregnant during the battle, I feel I’ll be useless and have nothing to contribute. If I go into labour during the battle, well, I’ll be pretty much useless and out of the fight. Sinon will likely be near the front lines and is very busy as part of his duties while serving on the War Council. I have followers that can probably fight in the front lines in my stead, but I can’t in good conscience be in the front lines. I desperately want to help all of you fight during the battle but while I’m pregnant, I am just not as physically fit or able to fight or protect people on the front lines. I don’t know how to best do that and ensure the safety of my baby.

I have numerous spells and abilities that are good for long ranged attacks. I have gotten better in casting long range spells (*I have Enlarge Spell as a feat.) I would like to contribute to the battle but from a more safe location near the back of the lines.

I’m not sure what I’m asking you for here, but I could use your advice and assistance. I will have some of my followers protecting me during the battle, but I’m not sure that it is enough. I would ask for your help in providing protection not for me but for the child during the battle, but I do not wish to take you away from your planned participation in the battle, especially if it is on the front lines. If you had any followers you trusted that have healing/midwifery type skills, that you wished to be in a more safe location during the battle, I would love their help in this matter. I am thinking in particular of the possible situation that I may give birth during the battle, in which case both my child and I would be much more at risk from Cthulhu as well as the devils/demons and aberrants.

I do not wish to pull anyone unnecessarily from a more important duty nearer to the front. I have followers which I will be using for this task as well as followers I will be sending to fight closer to the front, but any help from you would be welcome but certainly not expected or demanded. If you are not able to provide any support, then I understand, and I know you will be victorious in the upcoming battle.

And I can’t believe I’m having a baby out of wedlock. I look like a beached whale and I am tired and scared. I can’t stop talking, I think I need to lie down and take a break.




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