A Steamy Bet

To: Master Hansel Smith, Avatar of Kelezandri

From: Governor Varrick Galespiri of Rehume

Hello and welcome noble Avatar, please allow me to commence by making your acquaintance. Torrent Nigel with the loving grace of Kelezandri has recently placed the governance of the Brackish Emperor’s Holy City of Rehume in my hands. My priorities at this time are to ensure a safe place for the worshipers and friends of his Brackish Lordship to live and thrive, to create a city that will be a strong asset to the Armies of Argyle in our current conflict, and to begin a sustainable city that may thrive after this conflict has been resolved. Lofty goals I know, but with Kelezandri on our side there is nothing that we cannot achieve. As one of my earliest priorities is safety and security, I am currently designing an evacuation plan for our non-fighting citizenship should the need arise… I would like to take advantage of our aqueducts and in order to do so would need positions of water breathing, approximately seven hundred to start. I know that is a tall order, and I was at the point of thinking it impossible but the Noble Torrent than bet me that the Avatar of Steam could have this done in less than two hours. Not to doubt your amazing talents but I have bet the good Torrent a cask of fine red wine that potions in that number in that timeline would be impossible for one man (even with an assistant) to make. The Torrent was adamant, and the cause is just one way or the other, so what do you say, could you settle a friendly bet, and perhaps increase moral? I thank you in advance of your considerations.

Written as dictated by,

Governor Varrick Galespiri

PS: It is my understanding that you are also a huge fan of humor and Jokes, I paid a boy named Travis 12 figs and an apple for this one as it truly tickled me, the lad is not yet 9 and has such a keen mind.

Where do the fish keep their money?
Ohhh, anyway please enjoy, but assure credit is given to young Travis should you retell it, Kelezandri’s Blessing upon you.



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