Battle Briefing

12th of Sunnsebb, Honalain Barracks Pelegus

Captain Thorlan sat in the main barracks of Pelegius with the core team, he swallowed; briefing Avatars, Queens and Princes was intimidating, but General Nigel had insisted that this briefing look like a troop inspection and thus not ttake place in the senate chambers in order to throw off potential spies. He took a deep breath hoping that the Hed Moredakka didn’t get annoyed and eat him and then plunged intpo his briefing

“In three days this team, with a small contingent of 400 additional personal, will be teleporting to the valley of Bassantar located on the western front of the Dwarven Stronghold. The valley has already been scouted by the Squashin Skylanders and has seen little to no enemy interference in the last week. The valley is flanked by the eastern Hill, from this point forward called Belegear, and the taller wester hill from this point called Eldar. You have about 11 kilometers that run through the valley to the point where Eldar and Belegear connect in the south to make what we are hoping when this is done a land bridge. Your team will need to secure this valley and keep in clear until such a time that King Yolo and his troops arrive… we do not know how they are planning to come, but conventional teleport will not allow matter to port into matter so we must assure that floor of the valley remains clear. The bulk of our armies are at the Eastern and southern fronts where they will be engaging the main devil host in an attempt to break the siege, and mostly distract. Once you have King Yolos troops it is imperative that you get them up to the land bridge asap. The Avatars will be summoning their miracle which if all goes according to plan will create a new river system that will feed into Bassantar valley flooding it and becoming a lake. This river system and wave will bring you 6000 additional troops including but not limited to Prometheus, the Stubby Narwhale, Kelezandirs Claw and the Wandering Buccaneer. From here you are to take your army of now 10k and immediately cut through the 7k of devil assailing the Western Supply Gate of the Stronghold… once this is completed you are to Signal General Orin who with the aid of the 11th Dact Engineers will be porting in and assembling one of our way gates, from here your team is to keep the western door open, make connection with the dwarves inside and contact us to what is needed, food, weapons, medics and equipment are being kept on standby to be brought in… King Yolo will take command of the operation from here to advise either an evacuation, a reinforcement of the western end or a sortie to the south and east to fight the remaining devils. Once the Western Gate is open we are expecting a lot of devils to be porting in to your location… We know for a fact Nefruitous is commanding this region so don’t be surprised to see him show up. Ummm… does anyone have any questions?”

Captain Thorlan cleared his throat again to see if his briefing was clear.



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