32nd of Ready’reat – Chistles Point – Deck of the Stubby Narwhale – 4:04am

“Wasn’t sure I was gonna see you boys before we shoved off” George said as he stepped forward shaking the hands of Val Thacoor and Lee -Sun Shikame.

“Well it did take us some digging to get everything sorted, we appreciate your patience in the matter. Where are you off to anyway?” Val asked

“Haven’t you heard my boy? We are fighting a war, all of Kelezandri’s Battle Ships need to report to the Rhône within two weeks, the battle waits for no one man” George said in good humor, the Rogues seasoned eyes watching his men prepare to make way even as he spoke.

“Well, again on behalf of the White Raven’s you have our thanks” Val said turning to leave, he made it half a step before he felt the Captains hand on his shoulder, the grip was firm though not overtly threatening

“Your thanks is most welcome, your intel however is required” George said. Val put a sheepish look on his face and shrugged, both men knew he had to try, and so long as he fessed up now both understood it was good natured. George ushered the two to his cabin offering them seats, once settled it was then that the Val began to speak

“So of the three Dactyls and two dwarves most were petty criminals, gambling debts, drunkards, maybe scrapping… way too small to be considered for a serious hit. One of the dwarves however happened to be a private in the Dwarven Imperials 32nd Dact Hammers, the Grubby Loins Company. It had been his idea to try the attack. Apparently he was in his Corporals bad books and thus thought that this somehow could make things better.” George poured himself a stiff drink while listening, he held the bottle offering it to his guest, Val nodded accepting a shot, Lee-Sun silently refused.

“Why would attacking a White Raven put a loser Private in his Corporals good books?” George asked.

“Good question, one we asked ourselves. When we went to investigate the Corporal, we found he had been transferred to Tukin in a real hurry and was being placed with a contingent heading to the Dwarven Stronghold. All this was done real quietly and only after the Private had been pronounced AWOL and the Corporal interviewed as to why. The person who conducted the interview was Captain J’Hroc a Dactyl with a decent reputation as a man who can get things almost anywhere”

“He is known to me, we’ve had dealings before” George put in

“Anyway he has had a number of sudden meetings with the 32nd’s Colonel, one Narth DoomBitter. It appears, and mind you we are operating off of shaking evidence that the Colonel put it to his men that he had received indication from ‘on high’, whatever that means, that the White Ravens were to be made to feel uncomfortable in Chistles Point, that led to various men in the command interrupting this in different ways” Val stopped and took a sip of his drink as George processed the information.

“That would explain the higher degree of law enforcement wandering Boytano Bay area, and why my non Honalain fellows have been having trouble with them. Who is the Colonel? He must be new if I don’t know him”

“He is, was given command of the 32nd’s just two months ago; not much to tell of him, he is a pretty loyal by the book fellow, but is a bit of a religious nut, huge into Hithilum and Dumathion, has his men bend a knee in respect at the holy hours each day, had a little shrine in his office and at home, even believes the Queen is the Holy incarnation of Hithilum and the only way to heaven” Val said. George leaned back and ran his hand through his hair

“Great, another religious nut in charge, just what this place needs, so what’s the deal then?”

“Best we can figure is that the moon glinted wrong or he dropped a hammer at the wrong time or took a shit and it smelled different and now the bastard thinks the his god wants the White Ravens out of the city.”

“So what’s the play? I don’t need you fellows taking out a Colonel right before a major battle, that’s not where we need to be focused right now” George warned

“Shouldn’t need to come to that… we figure we’ll pass the word on to Raven that this nut has misinterpreted something from his god, he’s super close to the Queen and her family…” the three smiled each having an idea of how close in one particular case. “… we just get him to get the Queen to tell this guy to back off or give him a different sign or whatever. Arthorn is recovering, and the bastards who attacked him are dead, thank you…” he lifted his glass to George who nodded in return “… so I think Raven will be willing to leave it at that” George drained his glass and stood reaching forward and shaking each of their hands again

“It all sound very reasonable, almost too reasonable to be followed” he grinned at the two “It has been a pleasure gentlemen, please let Raven know that Arthorn is welcome down here anytime, and give him my best”

“Of course Rogue,” Val said standing and returning the shake, with that he and Lee-Sun left the cabin and ship while the Stubby Narwhale made way for Rehume and then the Rhône .



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