Cabinet of Kelezandri

Date: the 7th of Wealsun, 9:03am
Location: The Former Senate Chambers of Morning Glory, Central Rehume

The group entered the former Senate Chambers of Rehume, far too large or nice for what they required, yet still a room worthy and arranged for a meeting such as this each member grabbed a nearby desk and sat down, they were as follows:
Avatar Ananmachara of Trien’lar
Avatar Hansel Smith
Commandant Gyles of Rehume, Head of Fluid Dynamics
Commander Tiberious Teddious, Commander of the Bear Legion
Master Gary Windson, Dean of the Panoptic Laboratory of Enlightenment
Captain Funda, Lead Scout and Waterways Guardian
Torrent Nigel Hodgenson, General of the A of A and head of Kelezandri Religion on Argyle
Varrick Galespiri, Governor of Rehume
Zhu’li, Assistant to the Governor of Rehume
Master Architect Terrence
Master Engineer Phillip
Captain Cascade of Zhil’Nor, Head of Rehume Defense
Honoured Meredith, Master of Coin of the Bank of Rehume (BoR) 9.87mil
Beaverlee, Head of Rehume Magical Education and Integration Program
Captain Dana Shepherd of the Krakens Exodus
Master Smith, Waim Feamly of Highport
Captain Anarataan of the Fey’s Lust
And via Crystal ball
Captain Abigail Sampson of the Wandering Buccaneer
Captain Arrow of Kelezandri’s Claw
Captain George Cooper of the Stubby Narwhale
Avatar Aleau of Water

Varrick stood with a nod from Hansel and raised his hands to signal to commence of the meeting.
“Welcome all, I think this first time we have all sat in the same room, thank you all for making the time and journey today, it’s good to finally put a face to the names I read on so many reports. Please as we get settled make sure you help yourselves to some of the delicious carrot scones that were baked by our own Zhu’li for this occasion” there was a few mumbles of praise and scattered applause for the scones, a couple members even rose to get another before the meeting in truth resumed. “I have been tasked by the Avatars to get a real picture of where Kelezandri’s army stands, now, after this more recent attack it is more importance forever, each of you will be called upon to give report and questioned. Though we all have ranks and titles I have been asked by the Avatars to assure you that they mean nothing in the room, we want opinions, and discussion here, for the duration of this meeting we are as equals. Since Rehume is hosting this meeting I have been called upon to arbitrate it. If I cut you off, it means stop talking, else… well you will have to deal with Zhu’li” Varrick let that hang out there for a moment confusing a few of those who did not know his assistant well. He then shuffled a few papers and began

“Commander Tiberius, why don’t you get us started” Varrick said. The small stuffed bear rose and climbed on top of his desk to better be seen

“Thank you Governor and you may call me Tibbers. Ahem… we have managed to reunite 76% of the children saved during the oil attack. The remaining 24% have been relocated here to Rehume and are being cared for at the River Hospice off of Streamway Avenue. We expect to reunite the remaining children within the week, else have them transferred into the formal foster system. There is a possibility that some of their parents did not survive the attack after all. Currently we have 18 children here in Rehume waiting for Bears, twice a week we have someone shuttling children to and from Chistles Point to meet the Swan May and receive their guardian. Bear Training and order remains at satisfactory levels and aside from one minor incident that is currently being attributed to spontaneous combustion, our bears have done a fantastic job in the realm of child safety. Recruitment within Kelezandri’s Realm continues to hold acceptable levels, though should we have another major rush for Bears we may start to see some troubles on that end. All in all the Bear Legions are performing at optimal levels and are ready to continue service” the bear nodded to the group and retook his seat. Varrick jumped back up thanking the bear and then calling upon Master Phillip. The large water elemental took on a more humanoid form as he addressed the group

“Thank you Governor, Kelezndri’s Flood, or project K-Flood as we have taken to calling it continues to drag. We are still waiting on earth shapers from The Stone’s Army to aid us in the task, I have be notified that the order has come down from the Chistle, but in the after math of what has occurred the final paperwork has not made it into the right hands yet, all reports are that they were hit hard during the Oil attack. I have received notice that Hithilium will be sending us a few hundred miners to aid with the trenches which should increase our project success rate, though no specific timeline on their arrival, or if they are walking, being shipped or teleported from Chistles Point. Currently with no additional aid we should have the moat completed by Goodmonth and the connection river completed by mid Patachwall.”

“That is unacceptable!” the voice called out, it was the Avatar of Ice standing now and pointing a disapproving finger across the room. “I need to have the river connected by early Reaping, at the latest” the water elemental began to drip with concern as he stumbled over his words

“Avatar, th… tha… that’s just not realistic, even if I had the miners and the Stones people tomorrow it would be near impossible to finish on that time line, we would have crews working around the clock I don’t have the man power or the…”

“I don’t care about the logistics Phillip” her words cut through his like a schooner through the surf “It will be done by the 8th of Reaping, it has to be, as that is the only way to get our army where it needs to be by Ready’reat, failure here is not an option… Varrick!”

“Yes Avatar?”

“Cut through Phillips red tape, I want the Stones people working on this by tomorrow and the miners here by the end of the week, also send him whatever skilled or semi-skilled labour we can drum up, I don’t care if we have the kids carrying buckets, I need this project on schedule, and I want you to remove every excuse that Phillip may come up with as to why it can’t happen, understood?”

“yes Avatar” Varrick turned to look to Zhu’li but she was already nodding to him and excusing herself from the room, he gestured to Phillip to return to the floor, but the water elemental waved it off, conceding his time, and stating that his report in essence was complete. “Well then, that was… productive, let’s move forward, Terrence?” The hulking earth elemental rose,

“I have completed the design phase for Rehume’s revitalisation and construction; copies have been submitted to Fluid Dynamics and Rehume Defense to appraise. Currently Design is underway for our Wizards Towers, Dock Yards, and Training Facilities. Most of the warehouses towards the outside of the city are in the process of being repurposed for our shipwrights and construction efforts, those projects are on schedule. We have a third of our man power still working in Chistles Point as we have broken ground on the Panoptic Laboratory of Enlightenment, we hope to have the skeleton of the design finished before winter.” The elemental continued to give his reports on various building projects before yielding the floor Varrick thanked him before calling upon the Captain Cascade

“Thank you governor, City defense is at 40% efficiency right now. If the A of A were to recall its troops to another location the city would not be able to defend itself. In addition to this most of our people have been tapped to aid in tracking down oiled allies; a noble duty, but one that leaves the city without a formal guard. Crime is up in the city as well, transfers and orders are submitted to us as an afterthought and we have no idea who is coming and going, large groups or refuges and armed soldiers march through our gates and take up residence where ever they choose, this is not how to run a city watch. Most crime is dealing with theft and physical abuse, but if we don’t get an organised watch in order soon this will swell and possible turn into a thieves guild. I would request that my men not be pulled from their posts without a direct order of emergency from the Governor, and that all transfer orders and troop movements within the city be sent through my office. In addition to this, I need a minimum of six hundred more men to adequately protect this city and combat crime.

“600 more people?” Captain Abigial voice called from the crystal ball “Are you daft Captain?”

“Now Abigail, let’s remain civil whi…” Varrick began but she cut him off
“That is Captain Abigail Governor, and no, my question stands, Captain Cascade, are you daft?” she paused just long enough to cause those present to wonder if she actually expected an answer before she resumed “We are fighting a war, and you want to pull 600 combat trained men from the field to play city watch in your city? that is insane… get in the fight!”

“I object to that, or the implications that the duty of the watch is not important! We are the centre of Kelezandri’s resources here, order must be maintained.” Cascade hollered

“Order means a whole lot of nothing if we lose the war!” came the ship Captains response

“Captain’s” Nigel raised his hands trying to bring calm to the room “can we not find a compromise? Perhaps some soldiers could be rotated through as a breather between front lines and leave?” Captain Cascade was shaking his head before Nigel finished

“With all due respect Torrent, No, we are talking about policing here, not soldiering, we don’t want soldiers to be police, soldiers are trained to kill, police are trained to keep the peace, we are trying to build a civilisation here, one that will last beyond the end of the war, and I need men trained to do this job in order to do it.” there was a long silence before anyone spoke, but then it was Avatar Ananmachara who did

“Three Hundred men; permanent. The rest will be rotated through and placed under the watchful guidance of your core force; it’s the best you’re going to get” there was an air of finality to the statement, and nod from Cascade said the offer had been accepted.

Varrick seized upon the temporary peace and pushed into the next topic quickly he began introducing Gyles from Fluid Dynamics. The thin pale Halfling stood looking around the room before he spoke in a soft whisper of a voice that caused most to strain to hear him.
“We’re all going to die, at this rate anyway” he let that hang out there for a long time before he continued. “Captain Cascade was correct in the pitiful security measure being taken here in Rehume, unfortunately they are the best out of all of our bases and locations. Spies are everywhere, and we have no procedures or protocols to stop them, and it’s not just us, aside from Don-Ton and the Wizards of Thay, counter intelligence and intel security is disgustingly lax. I managed to sneak in and overhear the entire war council meeting that happened yesterday and….

“What!?” Avatar Hansel and Nigel stood in unison in shock, Anamachra was a moment behind. If the Halfling was intimidated or flustered he did not show it.
“yes, I did, I needed to test our security measures, and you know what I found… none, I walked into a nearby room, put a glass to the door to yours and listened… this is low tech and easy for anyone to do, we need to upgrade our security measure significantly.”

“No more spying on war council meetings!” Nigel hollered, visibly perturbed. Again the Halfling shrugged like the point was being missed

“Another example? Just this morning I caught some snoop looking through dispatch orders in one of our offices. He has been subdued and after some interrogation found to be on some sinister order known as ‘The White Ravens’ I have not yet had a chance to verify if such an order exists, but after this meeting I intend to speak with him… more intensely” Hansel stood as Anamachras face found its way to the palm of her hand

“ I know of the White Ravens, please keep the man confined but question him no further, I will speak to his commander and handle this personally” the Halfling looked up at the Avatar

“Are you sure Avatar, but give me the name and I am confident I could handle this without taxing your time…” he stopped as the Avatar waved off his arguments. He nodded and resumed his report. Stating what resources would need to be put in place and whom would be the founding members of his team in order to set up security protocols. The hours ticked away and lunch was served and cleared before the Fluid Dynamics head yielded the floor.

Varrick jumped up at the pause and quickly rechecked the agenda “Master of Coin Meredith”

The Locathah rose from his small pool and took the floor “Why do we meet on the surface when it is most uncomfortable for most of us?” no response, though the question had merit, the locathah did not wait, he plowed into his report “currently the treasury as 9.87 million in value of Don-Tonian Gold Standard. Our highest order of business is currently a Smelter and a mint; the new money will take the form of small dragon scales, with a printing of the trident on one side, and the water emblem on the other, as well as date and Avatar Names. The Scales will be a little lighter than a Don-Tonian GP in order to stave off suspicions, it should value at about half the Don-Ton Current Value.” The master of coin went on to explain the circumstances of the Bank and how the minting process would be implemented, once he finished he came around to the business of yesterday “and so after final tally, with damages to the vault, and the jems and coinage inside, we lost about 87,000 gp in that little exchange, with your permission Avatars, I will forward the bill to the church of Hithilum? Or should it be the Dwarven Army?”

Both Avatars present stood at this shaking their heads Anamachara offered to have her wages garnished to repay it, but Hansel pushed it further

“it is what we do for our ally’s, it is a cost we gladly absorbed, and will not complain about again” the Master of Coin was unhappy, but as ordered did not complain

The meeting carried on throughout the day, information was brought forward of the new war ship
Neptune’s Compass
And the two new transports
The Unknown Feline and the Hookers Jewel

The ships were nearing completion at Chistles Point, after these ships, the ship wrights and tools would be relocated to Rehume. A debate was launched on the value of transports versus war ships, versus barges and how much of each the army would sponsor.

The Master Smith spoke of the weapons supplies and the plans of armament and armor and quickly these would be in circulation, resources were divvied and men were relocated to accommodate. Avatar Aleau updated all on her mission and stated she expected a speedy and safe return within two weeks. Finally George Cooper stood and spoke

“Contact has been made in Don-Ton, we have bought shares in the Ship Wright Guild, The Explorers Guild and the Guild of his Majesties Royal Fleet. We also have circulated bribes and have friends in the labour union, the dock hand unions, the crane unions and the beggers coalition. Unfortunate times have led Don-Tonian steet gangs to in fighting… we are doing are best to steer clear of this, but are currently circulated some money and benefits to see which Ships in Don-Ton may want to find religion. The Stubby Narwhale has rented Pier 7, and semi-permanent accommodations at an Inn called the Shattered Blessing, this should allow locals to contact us if need be, and cut costs as we begin formal trade with Don-Ton.” More questions were asked of the Captain, but the charismatic Captain was able to respond to them all without answering any.

As the sun set and throats were parched there was a sense of accomplishment in the cabinet of Kelezandri as they rose smiled and left, ready with orders and plans to continue their efforts.



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