Please Listen Whilst Reading

King Yolo Giantslayer of Clan Morgrain sighed with a heavy heart. This was not how things were supposed to be. He had been gone for three weeks as he knew it, three weeks to handle a relevant threat and bring back his people so that his daughters might be born in his old home. So much had changed, he still wasn’t sure entirely of what had happened or how much time had passed, Selwyn had given him snippets but the message was clear, he had fucked everything up.

He had missed his children’s birth, missed the rise and attack of this terrible Cthulu creature, and missed his children’s entire childhood. He had missed a failed liberation of the rune towers, something he may have been able to change. His wife had fallen from grace and become a human, then become an avatar all without his support our counsel. His eldest daughter had become a women and joined the army becoming a Captain, his other daughter whom he had not yet met had disappeared onto the planes for years, returned and was now being held hostage by a silver dragon. His best friend, good old Rilar had been turned to the enemy and had needed to be slain by his companions, he’d not been there to help any of them. Then to top it all of he had crashed a mountain into the side of the world possibly killing his entire army and any remnants of his people he’d had left. To put it lightly Yolo was having a bad day. For the first time ever he seriously considered giving up; forget about being a good King, or general, he couldn’t even be a good husband or father. His shoulders felt heavy as did the axe in his grasp, he was suddenly very tired as the years of battle, then captivity, and then more furious battle came racing up to meet him all at once. With great effort he hefted the axe up over his shoulder and took a slow step forward, he would finish this at least, would make every effort to save as many as he could from his foolishness and stupidity, but after that perhaps it was time to let the running around and battling be handled by younger more competent, more intelligent, dwarves.

He looked over to Selwyn, almost the same, perhaps more beautiful than before; offered her a half smile as they prepared to go forward. She had shouldered so much, handled everything while he’d been gone, and even now she walked forward calmly and unphassed. It dawned on him at last, she truly was out of his league; this was a women who kept the company of Avatars and Gods, what was she doing with an idiotic old soldier masquerading as a King? She deserved far better, as did her daughters. He took another deep breath and entered Yngils Plane with her. He’d set this right, and do his best to make her proud before… before whatever will be… became.



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