Fellowship of Raven Pt 2

Soshana sat perched on the arm of Prometheus’s, in her usual spot, listening to the Titan sing a final dirge to the fallen. As it ended she wiped a few tears from her eyes but smiled at him, he was right; the singing truly did make you feel a little better. The titan leaned back reached over the side of the chair grabbing his barrel, as had become the tradition he stopped his barrel hovering near her so she could scoop a cup of wine out before he drank.

“Thanks” he said. She looked up at him inquiringly “thanks for being a friend, I have no one left, and you kindly come and sit with me, listen to my terrible harmonies and know how to enjoy a fine cup of wine” to that he lifted his barrel and drank. She blushed deeply but said nothing “Hello” a voice called from below, both Titan and Girl turned to see who had approached. From the shadows approaching the Titans great chair stepped the Everlast, behind him stood four other figures, though they were hard to make out in the evening light. Raven strode forward adeptly taking the pulse of the situation “Apologies for the interruption my friends… these past days have taken a mighty toll and I am remiss to deny any the solace of friend and drink, but if I may approach I come with purpose” Prometheus looked to Soshana who nodded, and the Titan waved the fey king over. As Raven approached the Titan leaned forward offering his hand as a platform and lifted Raven to the opposite arm, giving him a comfortable place to stand and the ability to speak and be heard without needed to shout his news across the land. Raven looked at the two now seeing them up close seeing her tear soaked face he asked “Soshana are you ok?” she nodded “Tears are the silent language of grief, and the day has been wrought with it” she said. Both immortals bowed to her words “Greetings Raven Everlast, It is said we understand death only after it has placed its hands on someone we love, my sympathies for your fallen family members this day, to see so many fey plucked from the realm…” The titan let thank hang their choosing instead to finish the thought with a long pull from his barrel. “That is in part at least, the reason I have come here” Raven replied “I cannot allow what happened today to continue, and I have been quested with a potential means to stop it, unfortunately this will take me from the plane for a time as the information required does not exist here, I am off to find the one called Morla” a long low whistle came from the Titan “Morla, it has been a long time since she has visited this land; she was old when I was young… I am sure I do not need to caution you Everlast when it comes to dealing with her” Prometheus said. Raven smiled “You need not my friend, though the sentiment is appreciated and taken to heart. I have come looking for aid in my quest, and instead of filling my ranks with stuffy immortals I am hoping that the exuberance and questioning nature of youth may have a part to play…” he turned to face Soshana directly “…If I may Princess, I am asking for your help, and your company on this expedition?” Soshana looked from Raven to Prometheus before she spoke “You want me to come? I’m not sure how much help I would be, Yolonda is better at this sort of thing, and more skilled in combat… I think maybe it’s her you want” Raven smiled at the girl “No, it is you, your inquisitiveness, your hunger for knowledge your outlook on life, if all I required was another blade there are thousands who could fill that role. What I need is your mind Soshana” she looked again from Raven to Prometheus “I don’t know, what do you think Prometheus? Should I go?” the Titan took a long pull from his barrel then he stared long and hard at the fey king standing before him “The winds of fate are blowing little Sosh, and when the universe wants you to move, there is not a force that is its equal to stop it. The things you could learn from Morla, the things that will become important on the planes… there are few teachers and guides better than the Everlast, so long as he gives his word that he’s looking out for you?” the last bit was directed more at Raven then Soshana. Raven nodded “I can assure you I will work hard to assure we all return safely, and arrangements have been made to assure we return before Yolo’s return, so do not let that bother you” Soshana smiled beginning to get excited “You should come to Prometheus! I can’t imagine we would get into any trouble with you around” the Titan chuckled at this but shook his head “This is not my quest Sosh… and I am needed here, now more than ever if the Everlast is leaving, the people below need me, the Avatars need me… my father needs me… and though it would be awesome to grab a board and ride the surf of the ethereal right where she merges into the astral oceans… that rides gonna have to wait for another day… go with Raven, keep your mind open and your wit sharp, bring us back something that will wrap of this war a lot quicker” she smiled and nodded promising to do so. “I will have to ask my mother before I go, I’m not sure she will agree” a tone of doubt washing over her excitement “Words have been spoken with your mother, write her a note showing you came of your own volition and all will be well” Raven said. To this Soshana smiled “Really? Wow… I guess I should get writing”

With a quick hug and fond farewell to the Titan she was lowered down to the ground and began rummaging through her pack for quill and ink to pen a letter. The Titan and Raven shared a long look, but no words were exchanged, both knew what was being asked and the stakes. Then Raven was lowered down to join Soshana. Within the hour the letter was penned and the Fellowship was set.



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