Green Problems

Raven felt the flood of emotion return to him.


As he took stock of the green realm he was shocked by how full it was, and more and more fey were coming, rushing in from many worlds… then it hit him. It hadn’t been 999 fey dead. It was 999 fey dead on 999 worlds. 998,001 of his people had been killed in a single day. The reports coming back were staggering. Peoples from different worlds were now being incited into frenzies, propaganda was being spread about the dangers of the fey, about how they needed to die, or they would kill all. The Cults of the Great Old one did their work quickly, sending mobs of humans and dwarves out after the fey. Some worlds were already forging weapons of cold iron to go forth and exterminate this threat. As his people’s homes and groves were destroyed they fled, racing back to the green realm for aid. Only to find quickly that it was overfilling. It was not all lost the fey had allies on many of these realms some stood nobly and defended his people, and so war and chaos began to rage and a sickness of madness began to sweep the realms. The Old King said nothing, his look said it all, but he would not comment would not speak, the fear and losses were real, and the scope was staggering, the fey had entered war with the Lord of Madness.

His words and speech still held strong echoing throughout the Green Realm, the words kept fear from turning into panic… for now.



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