It's a Girls

Date the 7th of Wealson (First Day)

Location: Winter Haven, Central Keep, Selwyns sweet.

Selwyn was having a rough go, in her mind she knew her body was racing through pregnancy by compacting an entire month into a day was a bit much; she couldn’t work, she could barely think. Her hormones spiked and surged with every passing moment. One minute she was happy and jovial and excited about what was to come, the next she was angry and pissed off and screaming. Raven had long ago made her tea and provided food, then retreated to his forge. In her more normal moments she didn’t blame him. How could she get through an entire day like this, how could she get through a week?

Date the 7th of Wealson (Second Day)

Location: Winter Haven, Central Keep, Selwyns sweet.

Her clothes were beginning to feel uncomfortably tight, she had shed her breast plate, and was now wearing some looser garments, Nigel had noted this on his afternoon visit and had promised to seek out some larger clothes for her on his return. The baby bump was hardly noticeable, but the swelling breasts were the larger problem, and she had noticed both Nigel and Raven stealing glances, her energy was back thankfully, she had managed to achieve more than she had thought possible in the day, slamming through reports and even wandering the halls of Winter Haven. She regretted the keeps narrow hallways, lacking a leg it made it very difficult to get around which frustrated her all the more.

Date 8th of Wealson (First Day)

Location: Winter Haven, Central Keep, Selwyns sweet.

This day was painful with hard cramps attacking her every hour or so. Raven had examined her on the onset, but had stated this fell within the realm of Normal for Dwarven pregnancies, they were often considered painful and long. Nigel had come, with several potions that he and Avatar Hansel had tried, long whispered conversations with Raven caused Nigel to only offer two of the five potions brought. Selwyn tried the first; it was a thick syrupy grey potion that tasted a lot like basil and thyme. She chocked it down. And was amazed at the sudden bursts of energy she felt, and then the extreme nausea. Raven and Nigel did the best to help her as she emptied her stomach onto the floor, and broke into painful hot and cold sweats, it took the greater part of an hour for her to normalise. Nigel had taken detailed notes, and not offered the second potion, her said he had to further consult with Hansel but would return in the morrow.

Date 8th of Wealson (Second Day)

Location: Winter Haven, Central Keep, Selwyns sweet.

Selwyn sank her teeth into the fruit and smiled her thanks, Winter Haven had been stocked with some supplies and she was tearing through them. Raven had strongly encouraged her to take off her ring of sustenance, saying he was unsure how those magics may affect the baby. And now she was starving, she couldn’t get enough food, and the combinations of food were getting odder and odder. She rubbed her eyes, it had been a painful restless sleep last night, sleeping on her back was no longer an option, and she was not used to trying to sleep on her side, couple that with the unfamiliar clothes she now wore (she had to remember to thank Nigel, she have nothing that fits without the clothes he brought) and she lacked any sense of self. She worried constantly, and was unsure if this was pregnancy related or not. What would she do about Tukin? What about this disease she had? Was Yolo Safe? What if the Army couldn’t get to him in time? How were the Honalians doing? What about the trench and river productions? Was the baby ok? So many of these thoughts raced over and over in her mind, she would try to distract herself, or speak logically to herself about them, but it rarly worked, and she often found herself sitting alone, eating and worrying.

Date 9th of Wealson (First Day)

Location: Winter Haven, Central Keep, Selwyns sweet.

The Cramps were getting worse, and few of Ravens remedies were providing much relief, his recipe for this “belly butter” however was excellent she hadn’t developed any stretch marks since beginning. Nigel had come back with another three potions. After another long and very formal examination he offered her two. This time the potion magnified her cramps by 300 fold. She screamed unashamedly feeling the worse pain she had ever come in contact with in her life. Raven and Nigel had had to work together to hold her down. The Cleric had pumped healing magic into her attempting to ease the pain, it did little. It took three hours for the pain to come down to normal levels again. Another exam from Nigel showed that the potion had offered good progress against the disease and had pushed it back, but not eliminated it. He estimated it would take three of four more doses in a row to win the battle. Raven had he fell into a heated argument about the safety of the mother, of the baby and Argyle. He decided he would return with the potions to grant the option to Selwyn, but would not push it from there. She was exhausted by his finish and opted to leave the 2nd potion for the time being.

Date 9th of Wealson (2nd Day)
Location: Winter Haven, Central Keep, Selwyns sweet.

Selwyn was exhausted, her energy was fleeting and often now Raven had to come and make her eat. The food her prepared was excellent yet she found her appetite flagging. This seemed to concern the fey and he had taken to documenting things in Nigels notebook. He offered her the 2nd potion, but she was just too tired to consider taking it, too tired to think, too tired to do much of anything. Reports were coming in and it took much of her energy to focus to try and read them and craft a response before falling asleep once more

Date 10th of Wealson (1st Day)

Location: Winter Haven, Central Keep, Selwyns sweet.

Tears and worries that was what the day brought. She had cried inconsolably for an hour that her favorite boots would not fit her. Now she couldn’t understand why. Nigel returned with three potions plus five doses of the last one. He and Raven spoke and length before they turned offering them to Selwyn. Nigel explained that the potions her brought were pain killers and should ease her through the taking of the other ones and lower the strain on her body, but there would still be significant risk to herself and her baby, what would she like done?

Selwyn walked the middle ground, opting for a single potion each day, to lower the risk to her child. She steadied her will drinking back the potion and preparing for the hours of pain to follow. The pain killers brought her back from the edge of insanity, but did little else.

Date 10th of Wealson (2nd Day)
Location: Winter Haven, Central Keep, Selwyns sweet.

Selwyn was tired, she couldn’t think, didn’t want to do anything, and she just wanted Yolo to be here. Raven did his best to console her, but it was to little avail. It was with the smooth removed attachment of the fey that Raven poured the potion down her throat once more, she was too tired to stop him. The hours of pain tormented her once more as she went through a cycle of screaming and cursing everyone who did this to her. The day could not end quickly enough.

Date 11th of Wealson (1st Day)

Location: Winter Haven, Central Keep, Selwyns sweet.

Selwyn was more lucid today; she sat staring at the vile of gray liquid debating whether she would need it today. Raven had stated the child could come anytime now, and Nigel was said to be on his way. by the noon hour the three sat staring at each other, the vile on the table between them, that it when it happened.

A swirling gate opened before them with colours of blue gold and silver. She smiled at her companions as with years of experience they both stepped forward to protect her. The cleric drawing his tiny mace a prayer on his lips, and the assassin pulling a stone from his belt and taking a crouched stance. their worry was for not, Selwyn recognised the gate as he had seen it many times, and was relieved to see her mother step through.

“Selwyn” Azazial said as she nodded and smiled at Raven entering the room. She crouched beside Selwyns bed and placed a comforting hand on her head. “Time is not our friend my daughter, we must go?”

“Go?” Nigel spoke up “She should not be moved, she is very seriously injured and ill…” Azazial turned to the little cleric; her voice was not unkind but was firm

“The child must be born on Argyle, not a demi plane, we have to go and soon”. Nigel looked to Raven, he was clearly concerned and did not want to defy an angel, mother or spokesmen for a deity but his orders from the Avatars were clear, and if anything went wrong during the birth, he could not guarantee getting Selwyn off the plane before the baby was born.

“Azazil…” Nigel started, but he got no further

“You are a devote and goodly man Nigel, and I in no way wish the harm you, but I am working on divine orders…” the small cleric interrupted right back, he had been in enough conferences with Anamachara that he was not cowed by strong words

“As am I Azazial, as am I” it was Raven who put an end to it, placing a hand on his should

“Nigel, this is happening, if you cooperate you can be present and a part of it, if you push it they will hide away and you will not be there should the time come, be reasonable…” the cleric considered the feys words, seeing he was outnumbered. Selwyn sweetened the deal,

“The lead room in Rehume, take me there, it should be safe” Nigel nodded and Azazial spread her hands casting an improved gating spell. Moments later they found themselves in a marble room, a bed had been set up as with several medical supplies. This was not Rehume, without windows they knew not where they were, save that the tapestries and alter configuration bespoke of a holy ground to Gabrielle.

Date 11th of Wealson 11:03pm

Location: Holy Church of Gabrielle, Heart of Argyle

Selwyn screamed in pain once, more, Raven let out a soothing note that harmonized with her feral cry and sent a calm across the room. She had been in labour for hours; Nigel had long ago given up his protests and focussed on the matter at hand of getting the baby safely delivered. Azazial had taken the role of assistant aiding Nigel in whatever he needed as Raven offered the comfort and support to Selwyn assuring the mothers needs and comforts were taken into account. Selwyn saw the lines between planes blur as Angel after Angel lined the rafters of the church watching the birth of this momentous child. That brought her comfort in this time, though her heart was still heavy that Yolo could not be here.

She let out once last cry as Nigel called for her to push and then sweet relief. As a small babe was born.

She flopped back in her bed exhausted as Nigel checked the babe had no sign of disease and quickly wrapped it offering it Azazial to bring to its mother. Her relief was short lived however as she began to feel pressure and the need to push once more, she looked up concerned as Azazial held the child for her. Raven placed a calming hand on her

“It is merely the after birth, do not worry” he said as he began to encourage and coach her once more, it took little time, though her need to push became more insistent. It wasn’t until Nigel called

“I can see a head” that it caused everyone to stir. At 11:43pm on the 11th of Wealsun, a second baby girl was born.

Selwyn was given both the babies as she flopped back exhausted. The last clear memory she had was her mother pushing the conch against her lips and ordering her to drink



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