Letter Home

Hey Pop,

I know you weren’t real happy to be see’n me go, but things have been alright here. We gots a good ways from them devils and such and have made it to Equestria. I keep feeling like I’m being called to the south, I feel like i know that the Stronghold still stands, now more then ever I am sure they could use our steel, but I am torn, duty demands I stay with the group, no matter how mean or spoiled some of them may be.

I’m sure everyone told you about the Bard City, it really creeped me out, they have food, and amazing machines that a dwarf there is building, but its creepy, some say Entarez is an apprentice, he says he’s not, but Fletcher and the Lord say he is… oh and Fletcher is a Baron now, but Emberkythe says he not, but from her arguments she’s not really a Lady now either, so… I guess I am confused.

Emberkythe wants to find some magic that goes with her sword, Ling said something about accessorizing but i am not sure what that means except we seem to be crossing Equestria and heading for an Old Keep that Mages used to live in. I will continue to uphold the name Armorpriest so long as this group works for the best of the town. Hope all is well with you, tell mom I miss her and could use some of her famous root stew these days, I’ll do ya proud pop

Oati Armorpriest



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