Letter to OakenGlen Council

To OakenGlen Council:

I am sure others of higher rank and station than me have sent you communications about our group. But I ask that you consider my communication as well.

We encountered a group of male warriors, led by King Damocles of Arlia. They are going across the continent fighting demons/devils/aberrant. You may encounter them in your travels. If you wish them to join the village, they may be extremely helpful in the protection of the village although they have what one might consider more traditional views on leadership, honour and gender roles.

Hathroc from the Bard City has drafted some in our party to his service. He is trying to sway others including myself. I will be upfront to say that he claims he can help me with a serious personal problem*, but I’m not sure what he will ask in return if he is successful. I believe that everyone has the right to make their own decision, but there may come a time when people are forced to choose what is best for our group/the village and what is best for Hathroc. At present, our goals may be in alignment, but that could easily change.

If he has made an offer to the village, please take time before making your decision. Make sure you have full disclosure from him and others about what really happens in that town, i.e. Waiting room, vampires, undead, etc. Hatroc claims he can control his “undead,” but what if something was to happen to him or he was to die himself? This and other questions would need to be answered to your satisfaction. The town is also developing some useful technologies that might be helpful for the future and for transportation. You should know what you are getting into. The undead in the city, such as the vampires are strong and powerful and will likely be good at protecting the village from demons, devils, aberrant, etc. and help the Bard City and nearby settlements to rebuild and flourish, but one of their main goals in to grow the population so that they can have a stable food (blood) source, and it may only be a matter of time before the city needs to provide that “food” for them out of their own number.

I believe they are offering settlement in the Bard City or nearby Horse Kings Keep. You may wish to consider a trial period of settlement while we continue to explore other options. Just beware, the more you stay there, the harder it will be to leave and the more they will try to convince you to stay.

I hope that the village is doing well and that we soon will secure a good future for its people. I consider Oaken Glen my home and I hope to continue serving the village the best that I am able. I believe that the best future for Oaken Glen is in Equestria, but of course where the village should ultimately settle is up to you. My companions and I did our best to lead the demons/devils/aberrant away from the caravan and will continue to do so. They are all doing admirably and I believe we should all continue travelling together.

Ling Mei Wen



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