Oatie Armorpriest sat back huffing hard, it had been a long night, and a long day before that, and what was starting to look like a long month… matter of fact since he’d met with Lady Emberkythe companions everything seemed impossibly hard.

He leaned back and begun to unlace his boots, his feet had stopped hurting yesterday but he really hadn’t bothered to look. It was hard to undress or change at night, with the devils and the wolves and never knowing if you were going to be attacked he didn’t want to be without his armor or his boots if something should happen. Carefully he pulled back his boot and removed the four day old sock, it didn’t look good, his toes were black and if foot had long streaks of black through it… it must have gotten wet when he’d been digging around the caracal and then frozen and thawed a few dozen times. He rubbed at his toes and feet hoping to bring back some feeling to them.


“Oati” he heard the shout of Emberkythe, it was weird hearing her shout with a kids voice, but he didn’t question the authority she still held “quit laying around, we need fire wood for breakfast, and then the horses rubbed down before we break camp, get on it!”. He pulled his sock back on and quickly laced up his boot
“Yes m’lady! Be right there” he hollered as he climbed to his feet. The group needed him now more than ever and there wasn’t time to be worrying about little things when they were all concerned with really important things. His companions were smaller now, and not as strong, they needed him to get things done. He scooped up his axe and hobbled towards the brush to collect some wood, it wouldn’t be Oati Armorpriest who let them down… no sir.



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