Mountain Falls Pt 1

Please Listen While Reading

King Francis surveyed the battle, he was in a forward section along the left flank of the eastern front leading the Honalain, Tukin and North Hutt host against the devils. The fighting had been heavy earlier, but now about ten minutes ago they had been granted a reprieve as the spell casters joint spells had forced the enemies to disengage and reposition. King Francis had taken this time to have the wounded tended to, weapons swapped out that tended to be and mounts watered.


The very earth beneath his feet shuddered violently; the veteran solider looked around for the caster but quickly realised the scope, the enemy suffered as much as he they did under the quake. As he scanned the surrounding area, off to the west he saw a huge plume, a cloud that must be miles away he looked to his men and back to the cloud as he saw a wall of darkness begin to expand and race towards them. He turned to speak to his accompanying knights

“Percival, I’m not sure what this is but….”


He felt himself flying through the air and had the sense to roll as he slammed into the ground. He had but a second before he rolled again avoiding a mount that came slamming into the same space he occupied. His ears were ringing, a quick check showed blood coming from his nose. He staggered to his feet checking his men and found that the entire eastern front, allied and enemy alike had been hit by this… this shockwave. As he tried to regain his senses he reassessed the cloud his was coming, a wall of Black Death, and it traveled at terrific speeds.

“Percival… Percival where are you?” he called looking among the scattered chaos that had been his army

“Here sir,” the young knight called out as he clamored to his feet

“Percival… Go quickly to Pelegious… summon every Honalain who can cast… I need them all… now!… go!”

“It will be done your Highness” the young knight saluted and teleported away

“Sir Bently?” the King called

“Aye Sir?” another knight called back, he was disengaging himself from a dead mount

“I want our people spread as evenly as possible among the eastern front… That cloud can’t be good… it might be a derivative of that black ooze, and by the magic this time we will be ready.

“Understood your Highness” the Knight quickly began barking orders to various honalains and began to move his men, even as the first ones from Pelegious began to appear

It was then that General Nigel’s voice sounded in the Kings Ear

“DIG, DUCK DISENGAGE!!!!!” the orders where hollered into the spell and in the background the hurried voices of Moredakka and some command staff could be heard. Francis looked to the collapsing horizon again… they had moments before the Cloud hit

“By the Might of Man… someone please help us” he said as he threw up a small spell of shielding… nearby knights quickly fed magic into it quickly beginning to cover the eastern front.

The clouds rumbled in, and darkness was upon them


Damn. What has befallen those without Honalian magic?

Mountain Falls Pt 1

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