Mountain Falls Pt 2

Gornak saw the mountain slamming down towards the valley; he and his trolls had been placed in the lower reaches of the hills but quickly began ascending as they saw what was coming. The Mountain screamed and hissed as it slammed into the ground sending a tsunami of dirt roaring after them. Gornak knew that the slower among his clan would be no more, he had felt the dirt quaking at his heels.


He couldn’t breathe; he was flat on his face, the air ripped from his lungs an eye popped out of its socket. He tried to get up, tried to catch his breath but he felt as if a giant stood on his back

“elp…” he managed to croak with his left hand he flailed about, he tried to roll over, to see what had hit him… A troll faced death, he did not flee from it… so were the teachings of Kabash; at last he managed. The valley was encompassed in a giant dark cloud that soared into the sky… the cloud began to collapse and rush for him… he felt the heat emanating form this cloud and knew it for what it was…. Death

Captain Jon Sanderson rolled into the ditch

“NOW NOW NOW!” he screamed indicating to the rangers and clerics… the group had been at the top of Eldar, the captain had seen what had befallen their troll friends and prayed to Kelezandri that this would not be their fate. The Rangers and Clerics present began their spells, thick layers of ice sealed them into the ditch, as the seconds ticked the ice got thicker, 6 inches, 7 inches, 9 inches, 11inches… the Captain and the unit watched and counted the agonizing seconds. Twenty three seconds… or twenty eight inches thick was when the cloud erupted over their ditch and blacked out the sky. There was no light… the Captain had could feel the ice becoming steam, he heard the casters mumble but knew that this time magic would not be enough. “Forgive me Kelezandri… I come home to soon” the icey barrier was sucked upwards in a resounding POP, as two were many of the men… the pain did not last long enough to register, that was the only blessing offered.

Prometheus had felt the earth shake, and seen the cloud, had sensed the sudden change in the winds and air currents. People mocked his methods for connecting to the universe, but this day he felt her pain.

“ROPE, I NEED EACH SHIP AND RAFT TO ATTACH BOW LINES TO THE LONGEST CORDAGE YOU HAVE NOW!” The titans’ voice boomed. He held no rank in any military, why should he?… but the men, dwarves, trolls, dactyls, fey and elves present listened well. Quickly there was scurrying on each raft and ship preparing as directed. He looked to the amassed crews on the shores, there were hundreds of people here, logistics, the Dact Pipers, medical, quartermasters… were they to die here? There was not room on all the ships. The Titan leapt onto the shore and spun his might trident around and began to dig a great trench.

“GREAT UNCLE AYRZUL, PLEASE SHELTER TEHSE YOUNGLINGS FROM THE COMING STORM” then too the onlookers he yelled “INTO THE TRENCH! NOW! TAKE NOTHING BUT YOUR LIVES!” he went so far as to lean down and scoop up many of slower people and gently put them into the trench. “I WILL NOT FORGET YOU LITTLE ONES, HOLD OUT AND I WILL RETURN FOR YOU” he then turned and picked up his great surf board. He hefted it twice “WE’D HAVE DONE GREAT THINGS TOGETHER” he said to himself as he laid it over the trench wedging it into the sides at about half of the forty foot depth. Then seeing the cloud coming and daring not to tarry much longer he piled the dirt on his surf board effectively filling in the trench, he left the remainder on the dirt he’d excavated on the cloud coming side, hoping it would provide more cover.

“Prometheus… Prometheus!”

He swung his attention to the Avatar Aleau who was calling him from the deck of the Claw…

“YES AVATAR?” he said

“This is bad, really bad… I need to speak with our Lord at once…” she trailed off not knowing what to say… there was little to say

“GO QUICKLY SO THAT FATHER MAY INSPIRE AID, I WILL DO WHAT I CAN HERE” she nodded whispering a word and disappearing. Prometheus gathered all the roped from the bows of the rafts and ships, the Claw and Narwhale were in the air and leaving already. But that still left him with some six thousand lives in his hands. The titan placed the ropes over his shoulders and began to pull moving as quickly as he could against the current as he pulled them upstream trying desperately to get as much distance as he could from the ever racing cloud of death.



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