Mountain Falls Pt 3

Erindale floated above and behind the southern army. He’d not been placed in command of this front due to his “apparent conflicts” with the Everlast and company. He was here to provide magically support “as he saw fit”. What a crock of shit, he was by several thousand years the most experienced in the waging of war, the most experienced in magic and certainly the most knowledgeable of devils. And ehre he as, relegated to support mage status. So be it.


He felt the fabric of reality tear; with a wave of his hand he saw what was happening and knew what was to come.

“FOOLS” he cursed. Knowing that the fault of this would revolve around the Everlast and his naïve companions. His instinct was to teleport away, that certainly would be the wise thing to do, but as he prepared to go he looked down at the troops, almost 60,000 of them spread across the field, many of the devils were in retreat and teleporting away now, his army was actually cheering, they had no idea what would be upon them in minutes. He shook his head, the poor ignorant soldiers, they were always the ones to pay for the crimes of stupidity committed by their commanders. His conscious battled for a few moments but soon settled that he could not leave this many here to die, no matter how much their leaders deserved such a sobering lesson. He sighed reaching into his bag of holding and began pulling long steel gem incrusted rods… this would be a costly spell, his eyebrows raised as he did the math, this might be one of the largest spells he’d ever cast, and this time without a cabal of wizards supporting him.

With a flick of the wrist he teleported to the ground at the back of the line and jammed a gem incrusted rod into the ground, then quickly he teleported again appearing a hundred feet down the line and repeating the process. He did this 98 times, taking longer towards the end as he had to begin explaining himself to the forward troops telling them if they wished to live not to leave his newly formed oblong. It became easier quickly as the cloud of death raced over the mountain towards them.

Erindale took position in the air over the army once more, each gem began to glow and funnel power towards sending a beautiful arc of multicolored light to the next gem in line and to him simultaneously. He began to reach into the weave and speak the ancient words of magic. He could feel the conflict with the newer gods, with the newer structures of magic but pushed these aside, the pitiful magic of this era could save no one this day. The magic needed more, and quickly he funneled his resources into it, his staff, robes, pouches of items and medallions all faded to dust as their magic’s were absorbed. Centuries quickly attacked him as he funneled his life force into the spell, it was a hungry creature and needed to be fed, but at last the beast was sated… the cloud rushed forward but soon found nothing but an empty crater to swallow.



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