Movments Pt 1

Location: Chistle’s Point

Time 19th of Reaping 11:00am

“uh, I’m not sure about this Sir, I have a flag on this file that Queen Selwyn asked to be specifically informed of anything to do with the Dwarves of Hanran’s Hold” the small dactyl ran his hand through his hair as he looked up to at the smartly dressed human. The man before him smiled and spoke in a soft pleasant tone

“Of course my good man, I would not be here if that were not the case” the man reached into a fine leather satchel and produced a rather thick stack of papers. “Here you are, 3,215 transfer orders, all affixed with the Queens personal seal” he handed them to the Dactyl who perused the first few nodding to himself.

“That is the Queens seal… it will take me a few days to get this sorted, a lot of transfers here and…” the man cut him off, though not harshly nor impolitely

“I am afraid that will not do my good….” The man leaned forward studying the dactyl uniform “Lieutenant, as you can see…” in a smooth well practiced movement he pulled forth a small leather wallet opened it showing the badge of a Warrant Officer and then closed it and put it away “… I am working on a specific mission for the good of the A of A… sadly I am not able to disclose the full details of this mission, merely that it is of great import. I will not ask you to do anything illegal or wrong, matter of fact I fully encourage you to go through each transfer and assure it is in order, but I must insist that I stand here until it is done. As I must personally deliver those orders prior to days end, transportation is already being arranged for the men” the Dactyl nodded gaining some understanding of the situation

“Well, if you’re working for the Queen and all, I am sure the paper work is right and…” the man reached across placing his hand on the Dactyls whom was reaching for a large stamp, the man shook his head solemnly.

“We are at war… you have never met me before, nor have I ever met you, I would be remiss in my duties if I did not insist you at least looked at each of those files… you never know what foul games our enemies may be playing” the Dactyl nodded adequately admonished, but also sat a little straighter, it was men like this who were going to make a difference in this war… he felt ashamed at how lax he had been. Dutifully he spent the next two hours going through each of the transfer orders and approving them all one by one… once he’d finished he handed the stack back to the Warrant Officer

“That should do it, they are now officially members of the stone’s army… a shame to see them go really, but folk gotta do what they gotta do I suppose” the Warrant Office smiled carefully filing away the documents in his leather satchel.

“Indeed my friend, I hope the rest of the day treats you well, the sun is shining, try not to spend the whole day behind the desk” with that the man bowed his head slightly and exited the office leaving the lieutenant feeling satisfied at a good mornings work.



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