New Old Freinds pt 3

Theiraqule waited calmly for some time, he stretched and looked up at the sun then back to the doors leading from the garden into the palace. ‘odd,’ the dragon thought ‘typically that elicits some sort of response’ for some time the creature pondered whether it was correct to go back in, or if waiting was the better course, finally it was decided that conversation should be renewed. The creature shifted once more shrinking down. Elfin features were still a more enjoyable form, though this time she went with dark brown hair instead of sandy blond, the blue eyes of course stayed, but she decided at the last minute that if she was speaking with a female knight perhaps approaching as female would be better than male. Her tunic, breeches, cloak and boots were all the same, but now she looked more akin to a tattooed wild elf, than the tall half elf male. Cautiously she took a step towards the doors, but almost as she did they swung open. On the other side was once more Sir Umfrey and his squire Brook, Sirs Gales, Johannes, Isabelle and three others she did not know also appeared in tow. At the centre was once again Sir or Queen depending on how you looked at it Selwyn, with several of the unnamed gnome like creatures and now a couple dwarves. As a side thought she worried, why had none of the gnomes been named, she certainly hoped that they were not seen as lesser creatures, slavers always made it hard for Theiraqule to be friends. Theiraqule quickly debated whether she should turn back to the dragon now… but decided against it… the effect was lost… patience she scolded herself

Sir or Queen… no… she decided firmly that Selwyn had introduced herself as Sir, and so she would think of her as Sir until otherwise told… SIR Selwyn approached. The angel took a cautious look around the garden, perhaps looking for a dragon. The Angels eyes stopped on Theiraqule and she spoke

“Theiraqule?” she queried

“Yes, it is I” Theiraqule responded, but couldn’t help smiling; her voice was lovely, an extra point in the keep column for this form.

“You are a women now” the Angel… asked… stated Theiraqule couldn’t decide and so said nothing. “Ahem…” the angel cleared her throat likely trying to figure out how to proceed “Sorry for my tardiness, your arrival has been at a difficult time, I have had to sort a few things and well time got away from me, but I would very much like to continue our conversation, I do however have questions if I may?”

“It never hurts to ask” Theiraqule offered, there was a general feeling of awkwardness emanating from the entire situation, the knights seemed to be happy yet on edge, the dwarves nervous, she couldn’t read the gnome creatures… twice she double checked to assure she was not emanating dragons fear, but still the tension was thick the angel smiled at her and began to ask

“You spoke of a people who also have this horn; that are in need of aid, can you tell me who these people are?” Theiraqule smiled at her understanding the question and her reasons for asking

“No, I cannot,” she could see the frown forming on the angels face and so explained further “This is a sacred trust between two peoples, mine and those who have the horn, much history, tradition and faith revolve around it, and perhaps, in time should we become better acquainted, form a friendship or bond I could share more with you, but today we are two strangers, hopefully on the way to becoming allies, but not yet someone I can share the deepest secrets or traditions of another people with, not yet anyway” she could tell the Angel was not happy with her answer, but also didn’t seem ready to argue the point just yet

“This Horn, perhaps we could know more of it, for example… how do you know it has been blown?” again Theiraqule smiled, this was a perceptive knight, very good at asking questions

“Magic” she responded simply. This time the Angel did not attempt to hide her frown


“Yes, Magic”

“Would you like to elaborate?” the angel asked. This time it was Theiraqules turn to frown

“I am not sure if I wish to, nor if I can, when I was charged with this task magic was used, I am not ignorant to the laws of magic, but am certainly no great scholar to it as well, a bond was formed and now… through magic I know… much like how you know when someone is lying or evil it is magic is it not?” the Angel appeared thoughtful at the dragons words as she contemplated for a moment, and again decided to let the argument drop for the time being

“One more question, King Lemeath has been absent to us for some time now, if this bond was between him and these people, what does it mean that he has not himself answered?” Theiraqule gave her a very confused look

“It means that I must go, I thought I started with that” the Angel shook her head trying to dispel the confusion

“No I mean what does that mean for King Lemeath?” again the elfin women’s face contorted to confusion, Theiraqule checked to see if a spell had gone off, as suddenly she felt the angel was not all there

“It means that he cannot make it, so I must go?” the angel appeared frustrated and tried again

“I mean, where is King Lemeath? Why isn’t he going?”

“I do not know where the King is, you have seen him more recently than I, he is likely very busy if I have to go”

“But how do you know you have to go? Did he call you? Did he say he was going to be busy? How do you know what you need to do?” Theiraqule shook her head and began to speak but the angel saw it coming and the word was spoken in unison

“Magic” Theiraqule smiled feeling like the angel had at least received some level of understanding, the angel didn’t seem as happy about it.

“Theiraqule, would you mind excusing me for just a few moments while I confer with my sister and brother knights?” Theiraqule smiled and nodded to her. The Angel quickly backed away and left with most of her retinue through the doors

The garden was very pleasant; it spoke greatly to Lemeath’s tastes she thought as she awaited the angels return, a very controlled wild, beauty and growth confined, or assisted she was sure he would say, by order; how very Lemeath. She focused on the few birds that happened to be chirping away; more to keep herself form the temptation of eavesdropping than anything else, people constantly underestimated the prowess of dragon senses, even stilted by her simple form. Ever quicker the minutes ticked by until at last the doors opened once more and the Knights re-emerged. Sir Selwyn once again stepped forward

“Theiraqule, I would like to begin by welcoming you to Tukin as an honoured guest. I have spoken with my Brothers and Sisters present, and at this time I cannot immediately offer you this horn. None of us who are present know if the horn, or your affiliation with King Lemeath, and while we are not doubting your word, I cannot give away one of the Kings personal items without knowing more. As I stated, the timing could not be worse, but I hope to return very soon so that we might be able to continue our discussion and come to an agreeable solution” the Angels words were well thought out with the perfect emphasis placed in all the right places, she was an experience orator. Theiraqule let out a soft sigh and nodded

“That is very fair Sir Selwyn, and I would hope that in a similar situation a vassal of mine would act with the same honour and diplomatic grace that you have” the Angel smiled and motioned towards the door

“Let us find you appropriate quarters than, and I shall make all haste to return” as she spoke the Angel nodded to the other knights who cleared a path to the doors to allow the elfin women admittance to the palace. Theiraqule shook her head sadly

“I do wish I could stay, and hopefully I can return soon to better our acquaintance but currently I have pressing matters to attend, I do hope everything works out well for you, and am truly sorry to have delayed you from your quest” as she spoke she stretched out her hands, they continued to stretched taking on the silver sheen once more as she reverted again to the form of a dragon. She bowed her head to the Knights of Tukin and was careful to direct her wind during takeoff as to not injure the trees or small birds from the palace gardens. The Silver Dragon took to the air looping the palace once before striking off East at great speed towards the mountain of Dwarf Gate.



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