Next steps

One slaughtered horse, managed to salvage about seven hundred and twenty pounds of meat.

6 grey wolves, each weighing 90 to 110 pounds, 310 pounds of meat, 60 pounds of of fur, five furs (two badly torn)

2 worgs each weighing about 900lbs 1026 pounds of meat salvaged, 80 pounds of of furs, 2 furs salvaged (1 badly torn)

horse hair salvaged for threads

total work time for four people trained plus assistance from others, 4.5 hours

total meat yield 2056 pounds

total fur yield 140 pounds

In the battle you lost Duncans Heavy Riding horse, as well as one of the pack horses

this leaves you with

1) Brooks Light War Horse
2) Emberkyths Heavy War Hourse
3) Lings Light Riding Horse
4) Fletchers Heavy Riding Horse
5) Ra’s Light Riding Horse
6) and a Light Riding Horse being used as the Pack horse

Horse 6 has been showing signs of flagging and fatigue, it will have trouble keeping pace, Horse 2 is strong, but not made for deeper snow drifts, it has also been carrying both Emberkythe and Oatie. Horse 3 is badly wounded and and Horse 1 is lightly wounded.

the light riding horses can comfortably carry 250-350 pounds when healthy, they eat about 10 pounds of grain on an average day. Heavy can can push up to 450 when healthy and eat closer to 12 pounds of grain, light war can carry upwards 550 and eat about 15 pounds of grain, and heavy (depending on strength) can get around 700 lbs of weight but eat almost 18 pounds of grain on average day..

your party consists of

Mourning Song
Mock (mournings dog)
and Ling

please have your grain allotments, and weight allotments for each horse before next session




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