Of Larger Pictures (part 2)

Arcturis rose carefully from his throne and stared down the hall; the flickering lights played havoc on his dark vision and caused odd shadows to be cast across the intruder.

“Who goes there, you dare to challenge the only sitting Mage Knight on Argyle?” he called

“Dare? I positively insist” the last words came out with a cold cutting edge, the intruder stepped forward pulling back his hood.

“Dalathan?” Arcturis mouthed the words with a combination of surprise and relief “I thought you died at Brogans Bridge, I’m so happy…”

“Don’t… there is no one else here, we don’t have to pretend” he took a few more steps forward “Where is she?”

“Your devotion to that winter dalliance is truly pathetic, I have her tucked away, perhaps she could be fixed if you behave” Arcturis reached beside the throne grabbing his sheathed sword and clipped it to his belt.

“I have learned much father, and have become a fine wizard, I…”

“YOU ARE NOT HALF OF THE WIZARD I AM! YOU NEVER WILL BE!” Arcturis interrupted stomping down several steps

“Half of you is what I will always be stuck being, your time is over “Zor’Tecen!”” he called, the final word causing a buzzing noise. From behind the throne an object spun and turned as it soared through the air, the blade finally coming towards Dalathan and landing hilt first in his hand. “I have the last piece now; shall we do this with blades of magic?”

“Only a Mage Knight has the right to challenge by blade” the venom in the drows words was obvious “you are nothing more than a spoiled whelp with a stolen sword, a mistake I have left uncorrected for too long, until NOW!” with the last word lighting crackled as two mighty bolts fired across the great hall, they were summoned impossibly fast and were incredibly accurate.

The bolts hit the Half Drow and sent him flying backwards towards the blood oak doors, steam rose from his chest. Arcturis didn’t wait for a response to follow is lightening twin fireballs launched forth with a sonic blast hot on their heels, he grinned as his summoned his magic’s, he’d been expecting this battle for a long time. He covered half the distance of the hall as he plied his trade. He would soften him up with the larger spells first to weaken his defenses then bring forth the more insidious spells. Ice slammed into his son as a storm of epic proportions opened up around the half drow, all was lost for seconds to ice and snow, and then quickly cleared. The wizard was gone. “Slinking off to hide? You forget where I grew up, you cannot hide from me, now will I be surprised!” emphasis was placed on the last word as seven bolts of magic energy unerring slammed in to Dalathan, seeing through his greater invisibility.

Dalathan looked pained and summoned forth a globe of green energy to cover him. Arcturis smiled as he through several potent spells against the shield, each one visibly weakening it. “You are on the defensive now, you can’t win a battle from behind a prismatic globe, allow me to open it for you” he walked forward drawing his blade, it was obsidian and platinum with a gold hilt and even the most inept apprentice would feel the raw power and magic from the blade. He stabbed forth into the globe and quickly it winked out, drawing back he unleashed a swing before the half drow could draw his own blade and cut the boy in half. It was then that he felt the sting of steel entering his side.

“You always ignored illusion magic, said it was beneath you, I studied very hard to make sure it would have a part in your end you sick son of a bitch”

Arcturis grimaced and turned his blade connecting with his sons a half dozen times in quick succession. The time for talk was over now, each knew the others was deadly serious and breath was only wasted when mumbling the words to a spell or a counter. There would be death in the throne room, one way or another.


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Of Larger Pictures (part 2)

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