On the Road

Iris Walton pulled on her rains stopping her mare gracefully to survey the snowy clearing. With a wave of her arm her eight remaining outriders rode out in smaller groups surveying the clearing closer to assure it was defensible and that there were no traps or ambushes waiting. She watched as they diligently did their jobs some dismounting to inspect minor disturbances. Within moments Marlin rode up to her to report.

“It will do Mam, but’s leavin’ them a good ride from the others, camps a shade small to put an outrider unit with’em… you want keep riding or call it here?” Iris thought long and hard, the sun was already setting and it would be a half hour at least before the Dragon Group could make it here, pushing on they could ride for hours and find nothing better

“five of you will camp here with Dragon, rest back with me, let’s put these boys to bed” she tapped her reins and turned her mount about, riding back towards the caravan groups



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