Pillow Talk

“Lee Ping, my loving husband. Sometimes I feel powerless to help you, to help our companions, to help the village. What do I have to offer them? I have no magic, no connection to nature or the divine, no non human bloodlines or special abilities.

I don’t know what we should do next. I feel that I should complete my last mission to deliver this scroll to the Lord of Danethelia. If there is still one alive. Mandolin said that the last Lord of Danethelia and other Danethelians fled to the elvish lands of Vietcune, maybe we should go there?

I know we need to look for that woman that put that spell on you. Harthok said it was a chaotic planar creature. I don’t know enough about the planes or magic to even begin to know what to do about this. Could we even somehow alter the spell so you could change form whenever you wanted to? You would still be able to carry me to safety but we could actually live a relatively normal life, as much as you could in times such as these. Do you think we should go back to the Bard City in 3 months for Harthok to try again?

I let myself get my hopes up in the Bard City, but the attempt to fix you failed. Harthok claims that he could do it in a couple of months, when he is at his most powerful, but there are no guarantees. Harthok says. Come back in 3 months but that man has many ulterior motives. He obviously wants all of us to stay in the city or at least nearby. He has already drafted some of our party to his service and has tried to convince others to join him.

These are strange and troubled times indeed when we are willing to work with undead and necromancers to achieve our ends. What is the saying? The enemy of my enemy is my friend? The devil/demon/aberrant invasion/threat is every present and we may be forced to work with those we would normally avoid or fight.

For the village to survive, we must seek allies and somehow carve a future for them and for this world.

I want you to know that I love you more than I can say, more than any words I could say. But I sometimes feel like a failure as a wife. I haven’t been able to find a way to remove your condition. I haven’t been able to give you children. I have to believe that we will have a future together; we just need to figure things out. What do you think we should do?”

“My dear sweet Ling Mei, my loving wife. We are only able to be together for such a short time. Each time I awake from that accursed state, I worry that you will not be there to greet me, that you will be dead or worse. We need to make the most of our time together. You are my loving and loyal wife who I love more than life itself. You have stayed with me throughout this whole ordeal. You stayed loyal to me, when others would have left. You could have left me and found another who could provide for you, who could give you children. I sometimes feel like it is I who has failed you as a husband. If falling on my sword would save you and ensure your survival, I would do it. But I must bear the badge of my dishonor. We will find a way to save the village that we have come to make our home. We will find that planar creature. We will find a solution, either this spell will be removed or somehow I will find a way to take control of the spell myself. Even if we have to travel to the ends of this world and beyond. This I pledge to you on the memories of my ancestors and my love for you.

Come, let me show my love for you in another way. Let me unfurl your flower while we can. Let me imprint myself upon you so you will never be lonely.”

“Yes, I turn to liquid starlight when you touch me. I go hotter than the sun itself. Let us make love until the sun rises and sets.”

Lee ping and ling mai

Samurai kissing



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