Riders Laments

Jon Bishop looked over the defenses of the Bridge. Things were not looking promising. Some lumber piled up to make a barricade, a couple cover points for archery it was alright sort of. He knew his horse could jump the river with a good jump, he was pretty sure he could walk over the frozen ice without his horse. So how could he hope to stop aberrants that were lights and more nimble then a horse, or devils who could appear anywhere they wished? It seemed fool hearty to try and hold this bridge, but Eric was a man who followed orders, and he’d been given command of this mission. Jon ran his fingers through his sandy locks, he understood the importance here they had to give the township every opportunity, but why not have a small delay here and then the outriders attack on the fields behind, then they could bring their horses to bear… if the enemy surrounded the bridge they would be hedged in and fighting a battle on both sides. He sighed in frustration, as he continued his patrol, he hoped that Lady Emberkyths group was being more successful than they were, maybe they would stall the group long enough that the bridge defense would become unnecessary… maybe



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