Rune Wat Pt 20

18th of Patchwall 4:42am – Southern Swamp Front

“Moredakka, these conditions are worse than we thought, It is heavily taxing our magic to keep this pace, we will be much slower on the withdraw, and if we are fighting while pulling back?” the words came from Sir Venus, King Francis’s personal knight and commander of the Honalian contingent/ King Francis had offered five hundred knights to aid Moredakka in the withdraw. He had also scrounged up another twelve hundred infantry, which the King and nobility were personally commanding at the extraction site. If they had to return to the extraction point being chased by demons and devils, there would be fresh well dug in troops waiting to meet them and allow them to conduct an organised withdrawal. Moredakka nodded, it had been almost 32 miles back from where they thought the camp was that they had managed to port in… even their the mages said was a barrier but it was weak enough for them to breach consistently. Moredakka was pushing a forced march, through the terrain he expected it would take some twenty or so hours to reach the besotted camp, and then they would have to fight off whatever the camp was up against, collect them into a travel group, carry or mercy kill the wounded and get out… all with these creatures chasing them. Moredakka only nodded the knight’s words were astute but there was nothing to be said about it. Sometimes you had to go into a shitty situation and just deal with it, and that was what today was… to top it all off if they were successful they would have to turn around and do the whole thing again twice more. Likely even faster, Moredakka had no doubts that as soon as the southern front had truly escaped a large number of the enemy troops was turn and run towards the central and northern fronts making the situation there even worse, his people would have to get there first and evacuate them as before the demons could travel the distance.

“Have some men do what they can for the nastier sections, draining the water, knocking trees for bridges, anything that will speed us up a little on the retreat, remember most of the Dactyls don’t make more than three feet in height, we don’t want the drowning just cause we wadded across a pool to get here… flag the trail and leave no more than fifty men trailing us to get this underway.” The words came to Moredakka and he spoke them as he thought knowing the tactics to be right. Sir Venus didn’t argue he merely nodded and dropped behind to select a mixed group of trolls and knights to get the job done. Moredakka swatted a gnat and sighed, it was going to be a long day



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