Security councile Raven edition pt. 1

“It’s a good Idea this security council but what are the details?” raven asked “Who knows about it? Is it all your doing? were other generals involved in its inception? Just some stuff to mull over as these things will inevitably become important in the future. As for the cult of cuthulu I see no problem with your dealings with them. It needs to be purged like a gangrenous limb. People need to be educated about the truth of it not left in the dark to be seduced by lies or blackmail. Anyone who would willingly follow the cult needs to be purged from the army as they are to dangerous to stand beside in battle or to be trusted with any other task. and by purged of course i mean killed.” He paced slowly around the chamber. he would not let inaction caused by moral debate let this plague destroy millions more lives. “Have the shoes recalled I don’t care the logistics unless it makes us lose the war. He is trying to gain worship through brand recognition. The more respect his name the more power he has. This cult is in my view the most important issue besides the actual war and should be treated as such. I for one would like to hear others opinions on this and wouldn’t mind taking the rest of the day to hear the rest of the items This astute young man has gathered for us to observe.”

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