Those Chairs are Divine... pt 1

Moredakka stretched looking about his plane of now not chairs. He felt he had come to an epiphany that he would be that, the Lord of Individuals, Heroes, Freedom. He who acts for what is right, right now. As he had made his decision his ‘companion’ had evaporated… he supposed he wasn’t needed now, but still here he stood alone unsure of how to proceed. He looked around again… nothing, nothing new anyway, just the endless green, with a tiny patch of sky over his two chairs.

“Now what?” he muttered to himself

“Now what indeed” came a voice from his left, he found he did not have to turn, he knew it was Pan, knew that the creature was standing about twenty feet behind him and knew that Pan held no hostilities towards him and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Pan was real, very powerful and only to be slightly trusted. He didn’t know how he knew these things… but he just did. Moredakka turned slowly to meet him.

“Pan” he said by way of greeting “what are you doing here? What is this place?” the Satyr moved forward and gestured towards one of the chairs. Moredakka nodded and the creature hoped into the seat. Moredakka tentatively took the other seat.

“What am I doing here? I told you I would come… it took a little bit to find you, but I am a man of my word… usually. Anyway I try not to miss events like this, it has long been an area of interest of mine”

“Events like what? Where are we?”

“Where are we? That is actually a really good question, we are… well… I don’t know, you haven’t named it yet… so I guess we are nowhere right now… huh.” The Satyr shrugged as he looked about again and then focused back on Moredakka “I like to watch and see when new Divine Beings are born” Moredakka couldn’t help but smile

“So I am a God then?” he asked

“Not even close” Pan said, Moredakka looked confused

“A Divine being, well sort of… a God… you’re a long ways off… Gods need power, and followers and worlds… you have none of those things… which leads to the sad part”

“The sad part?”

“Ya, the sad part… you see… this place… you, everything that you are, that you just defined… those are all powered by mortals… funny little things those mortals, they seldom have any idea just how powerful they truly are… Anyway, without them, this place will very quickly burn up and crumble and you will dissolve into pure divine dust and be spread across the cosmos… it is actually a very beautiful thing to watch”

“That Can’t Happen!” Moredakka said, “You can help me, you can believe in me…” Pan was already shaking his head

“No I can’t… you are powered by faith… I am not a mortal, I know you are real… thus no faith, thus no power… you need a mortal to believe in you” Moredakka looked around again and saw a white fog in the distance slowly moving in.

“Raven believes in everyone… he will believe in me” The Satyr looked at Moredakka and slowly shook his head

“You… Need… A… Mor…tal… To… Be…lieve. That means, Raven, your Kelezandri friends… heck even the fallen angel do not count… and they need to believe in you in a way consistent with total faith… even if they did count as mortals they all worship other deities, none would be converting to your banner” the fog cloud was moving slow it would be hours before it reach the center. Moredakka thought hard

“I could go down and get followers, that’s not hard” again Pan was shaking his head

“You sir, cannot leave you plane while it is still forming, or collapsing as it may be… you are stuck here… you need someone to call out to you”


“Most people train and build u worshipers before mowing down on golden apples… you sir… well my professional opinion is… that at least your end will be beautiful”

“I don’t believe it… there has to be another way”

“that is your option to explore” Pan said but didn’t sound like he believed it… Moredakka stared out at the fog and concentrated, there had to be another way



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