Troubles in a Land Called Honalee Pt 3

“Sire, you have won, is it not time to be graceful so that we can move forward?” Sir Elton asked of the recently crowned Regent Diccon 1st of his Name. The King turned a steely glare to the man

“No! They should not have challenged me the first place, and I will not have my heirs face similar accusations, I want Duke Francis and Sir Alana’s heads, and the deaths of any that choose to follow or support those treasonous swine.” The King stopped and looked around the room, gauging his men, they were accepting this, though not easily, he shook the thoughts aside and continued “Any man who turns away from the traitors now, will have the Kings Forgiveness” he said, and was greeted to the nods of his men assuring their loyalty in the tasks to come, he had miscalculated on just how popular Francis and Alana were, many knights had gone to their aid, and many were kin and brothers of his knights, it would not do to have to kill them all. It would force his men to turn on him, by giving the knights an out now, he was assuring loyalty and reinforcing the law for those who would not bend a knee. “Let it be known, that the Lands, Titles and Honours of Duke Francis of Omeath and NOmeath are hereby stripped, he is no knight of my court. Let it be known that the Titles and Honours of Sir Alana of Oula and NOula are hereby stripped; she is no knight of my court. Have Sir Myles appear before me within three days’ time to bend a knee and swear fealty else it is assumed that he stands with his daughter and not the crown. Have the Wardens of the Western Cross informed, I would have them hunt down these traitors… and finally send missive to the Armies of Argyle, that interference will not be… tolerated, acts of aid to our enemies will be seen as a sign of aggression against our people…I would have heads of State meet with me to reconfirm alliances within the fortnight”

The King finished his rant and turned to his knights, they nodded, saluted and set out to bring the traitors to justice and hopefully bring their brothers home.


Interesting…..he is choosing to makes enemies quickly……


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