Troubles in a Land called Honalee Pt 6

Location: Castle of Tukin, Throne Room

Time: 18th of Reaping, 1:11pm

Selwyn was seethingly angry; waves of rage seemed to radiate from the angel. Major General Ralo WarIngot and Sir Ambrose looked on as the Hand/Queen paced trying to get control of her temper.

“If they hurt so much as a hair on her head I will go there myself and…”

“You’re Grace.” General WarIngot said, perhaps a little too forcefully, it worked however as the Queens attention turned to him.

“The missive was very clear, if I may repeat it…” he waited for her to nod, with her granted approval he pulled out the missive once more “Your Majesty, One of your peoples seems to have gotten mixed up in an internal matter of state in Pelagius. It appears that your cleric Eir was caught granting aid to a traitor to the crown. For the time being she has been confined and disarmed but is unharmed, we would ask that a representative of your crown come to Pelegious, question her, and take her into your custody. The Honalian people have no desire to have any aggression or negative relations with the Dwarven Imperials, or the good people of Tukin….” The general folded the paper as he continued speak “And then it is signed by an advisor to the crown and has the royal seal of Kingsley… it seems like Eir is ok” Selwyn exhaled, the tension in the room was thicker than oil.

“Ok, I will go get her and…” she stopped seeing both her advisors shake their heads, once more the general spoke

“No You’re Majesty, it was his advisor who wrote it, and until we know what is going on we want to limit your involvement, any actions you take can be construed as actions on behalf of two countries” Selwyn glared, but knew the man was right, at least for now, they needed more information about what was happening, and who this traitor that Eyre allegedly was helping.

“Fine, get a team together from the People’s Shields and diplomats two…” she was getting annoyed as the two were shaking their heads once more “What?” this time it was Sir Ambrose who responded

“Prior Eir has been residing and working in Tukin, and receives her pay from Tukin. It needs to be a Tukin representative that goes to retrieve her, not a Dwarven one. Sir Tristen is still too closely linked to the position of the Hand, with your permission I will go and retrieve the good Prior, asses what is going on and return to you by end of day” Selwyn looked at the two men, seeing that they were both working together.

“Fine… but like I said, if she is hurt I want to know right away. I ask that you gather information both from those holding her, and from those that she is alleged to have been helping. When your return I want a full report, then I will sit with Eir and hear what she has to say. Do not admit to any wrong doing on her behalf, I want all the facts before deciding how to proceed.”

“Very good You’re Grace” Said the General

“You’re word, my hands” Said Sir Ambrose, with that both men saluted and departed for their duties.



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