Please Listen While Reading

Vulcanna was excited, one might say twitterpated. She had never felt this way before, what a magical a night. The two had rolled together and it felt like years of stress and pent up anger had suddenly been released, today she could and would do anything. She was in love, and had a man who loved her. She had a new people that would accept her, she was reunited with her friends, things were finally looking up.

She looked down and found a note tucked under the edge of her tent… she smiled to herself, could this be from the Fire Lord? A secret message of love… she practally skipped to the note breaking the seal and reading it.

Initiate Vulcanna

It is with heavy heart that I write this, please know that I have long been an advocate of yours and wish to continue to be so. I am aware of your… choice to ignore tradition last night and join with the Fire Lord. Should word of this become public there could be drastic side effects, for one the Fire Lord is only able to married to one of Virginal Status; that status must remain intact until after the wedding and blessings of Yemeri. If news of your dalliance were to become public, I am sorry to say that you would be able to achieve the status of concubine, at best; this is not my, nor I am sure your, desired outcome. I have taken steps to have the men who stood guard over the Fire Lord and yourself last night permanently silenced. This is the greatest extent of aid I can offer you. You will have to assure that there is no, undesired outcomes, from last night and that somehow (magic or otherwise) your Virginal Status is indeed not an issue when you are examined on the day of proposal and again the day of the wedding. Please burn this letter after reading it, as it would cost me not only my life and position, but yours as well.

Best of Luck, and May Yemeri`s Blessing Be Upon You

General Iro
Fire Nation Command

Vulcanna read the note twice more before throwing it into the fire, all her happiness and relief had drained from her and was replaced with fear, what was she going to do? She had no idea when the Fire Lord would propose, but assumed it would be soon, and what was this inspection she would have to pass? She ran her hand through her hair trying to think.



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