V.A. Day

15th of Sunsebb or what we now refer to as VA Day (Victory on Argyle Day)

“My name is Orik Ironeye, and I was there, I have been tasked to be to summate what has happened in these last days in order to aid in the preservation of our great history.

King Yolo Giant Slayer of the Dwarven Imperials slew the goddess Hrusha and brought back his clansmen from her plane. He unleashed a cloud of death that destroyed the armies of our enemies and crippled what few survivors were left. He strode forth of the field of battle and accepted the unconditional surrender of the Devil armies, banishing them from his plane He then led a host of his clansmen to the gates of the Dwarven Stronghold where he proclaimed himself King of all Dwarven and Dactyl people. He and his wife then allowed the ale and food to pour into the stronghold as his troops celebrated declaring at long last the war to be done. It was a hard fought victory, 40,000 of our brothers died this day alone to bring it about, but now our children and theirs will live in a time of peace and freedom, they shall never fear the dark ones again, so say we all!”

“My name is Elise Lockheed, I am a bard of some small skill and have been asked for my interpretation of what happened on VA Day. I can tell you, as I was where the war truly turned around and changed.

Hyzuki Island was quiet that day, I was supposed to be with the main force that had departed by river the week earlier, but due to a last minute scheduling issue I had missed my boat and seemed destined to miss out on the final assault on the strong hold. I was indeed sadden, rumors abounded of the might of the Water Lord and to witness it firsthand would have truly be something. I know now however that the fates were holding me in reserve. We had all felt the tremor, now I know it was the mountain that fell, but then… we had no idea… the commander in charge of the guard called people out of doors, worried of another earth shake and looking to our safety, again I give this to the fates, to have so many amassed so quickly in one space. It was then that we were called, messengers running about saying the Lady of Hyzuki Island needed to be heard… we had all thought she was to be at the battle, how was she here now? What did it mean? We gathered in the main square as she stepped forward and spoke… I remember her words as if she said them only now

‘We need not only balance, but all elements, Hrusha is dead, and I go now to save us all, pray for my success, send me your love and good will. Know me now as Aurora, Mistress of Air.’

I wasn’t sure what was happening at first, no one was really ready for this. The air in her hands began to swirl in a small twister, as it picked up her arm vanished and then her entire body, the twister grew, but we did not fear it, we knew it would not hurt us… We had seen something special, a Goddess ascending, and she was doing it for us… Aurora sent out a cloud of death killing our enemies and those who lacked faith in her, she then recalled the cloud locking it into another realm, one that awaits those who are to be punished after this life and allowed the dwarves and dactyls to go forth and claim victory… Aurora is the Goddess of Air and I saw it happen.”

“I write this script to be entered into the Silverfish Libraries of Rehume and be copied and placed into the history annals of the Panoptic Laboratory of Enlightenment at Chistles Point, I will leave it to the Torrent to decide how the temples and churches will document this. My name is Varrick Galespiri I am the Governor of Rehume.

You see the original plan had always been for a miracle, the Avatars were to summon the might of Kelezandri to call forth a new river and deliver our forces to the Western front to the dwarven stronghold, we expected heavy fighting but were relatively confident that we could be able to win the day or at least take the Stronghold and demand a stalemate. I was overseeing Homeland defense and preparing food and medical transport upon victory. As I understand it King Yolo’s plan did not work as expected, his mountain and kin managed to cross planes, but they broke something in the process, you will have to get a planar mage to speak more of it but something went bad… very bad. The effects of the rip somehow created the cloud of death, the cloud hurt not only the devil troops but our own as well, somehow those at ground zero were ok, but anyone further out… they were subject to a terrible fate, that is where the noble Hed Moredakka met is untimely end, I will say he died well, saving the lives of many others before succumbing to his wounds… he is being honoured post harmoniously with the Silver Scale of Rehume, a medal of honour for a brave solider. The Avatars did not tarry, they leapt into action organising the world’s finest wizards and putting together a plan. Using their might and abilities as natural leaders they managed to close the great void long enough to allow the wizards to seal it and disperse the cloud of death. After this having no other mortal tasks left on this world they Ascended to Godhood, becoming the Frozen Goddess, The Lord of the Vialed Mysts and The Lady of the Seas and all Moist Realms. Embracing their new powers they quickly raced across Argyle healing the sick, saving those who could be saved, destroying the remainder of the Devil armies and banishing them back to hell. Whilst they did all this they managed to keep Cthulhu and Talib at bay from attacking in our time of distraction… These Gods, my friends if I may be so bold have saved us all, and from enemies we oft did not know we had, blessings of the pantheon of water be to you, for they truly are the bringers of life.”

“My name is Yolonda Giantslayer of Clan Morgrain… and yes my mother is now a Goddess.

It really was her who did it all, King Yolo…(still don’t really think of him as Dad) screwed things up dropping a mountain and killing a few hundred of our finest people right off the bat… Arrot was a friend of mine and well… I doubt we’ll ever see him again. Anyway it was Mom who decided to fix this, she collected her friends and went right to the source staring down the God who had tricked dad and forcing him to give her a wish… she then brought the wish to me and gave me the honour of using it to dispel the death cloud. Gabrielle knew that like grandma, Mom is a total bad ass, you see rumor has it that Cthulhu came a knocking, and Gabrielle decided if he was gonna throw down against the Great Old One he wanted a little more of our family standing beside him so BOOM right there he makes Mom a god, and she give Cthulhu the stare of death… old tentacle face takes one look at her being all pissed of like and is all like ‘I’m out, did not sign on for this’. So then what happens? Mom busts her ass to get down here, get us off the island and single handily clears the battlefield of any remaining devils and then, cause she is a classy lady, she lets King Yolo walk up to the door and take credit for all her hard work… not really sure why here, but Sir Alana thinks it’s because Mom is blinded by the tradition of patriarchy, but that she we should still respect her. Anyway, King Yolo is getting all the credit, but it was really Mom, er Selwyn Sudari who won the war”

“My Name is Edgar Smith… I’m doing Pan-Tastick… thanks to Pan.”

“My name is Argthule, the Ent, I was there, I saw how VA day occurred. The Lord Everlast at long last stepped forth. He had had enough of death, enough of the senselessness of it all, I watched as he poured his consciousness into Argyle itself and empowered each solider, each creature to find the way to victory, he has long held this factionist would together, and on this day he assured our victory, he is a humble being and would not ask for credit… but I know, and the forest of Natork know the reason that we truly live this day… Thank you Raven Everlast.”



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