V.A. Day Pt 2

15th of Sunsebb – Promethian River Basen, New Skyforge – 8:04pm

George Cooper called out to his Boson as he approached this ship

“Have the Master of Sails make ready, we depart in under an hour; anyone not onboard is being left behind”

“Aye Aye Captain” the Boson replied with a salute. George walked up the makeshift dock towards the gangway, it was then he heard the voice calling to him from behind.

“You’re leaving now? The party is just getting going” the Rogue recognised the voice and sighed, he could tell by the slight slur in her words that she was already deep into her cups.

“Looks like you’ve been enjoying it already Princess, and yes I have much to do” he couldn’t help but smile, Princess Yolonda wore a simple yet stylish red tunic, a small silver circlet laid over her close cropped hair. Somehow she had found time to clean up after the events of the day. Her Urgosh hung on a fine leather strap over her shoulder that connected to her belt brown and gold belt. Her cheeks were reddened and she held a clay bottle that was likely some dwarven ale. She stepped closer standing about five from him

“Didn’t ya hear sailor… wars all won, time’s come to lift a cup and enjoy life” she accented her point with a deep pull from her bottle. George grinned and shook his head slowly

“This war MAY be done… but we are far from finished, and I have to be back on the coast by this time tomorrow, that means no cup raising for me” he said putting on a small pout for show. She took another step closer standing very close to him, he suddenly noticed how good her hair smelt.

“I am sure there is some way to convince you to stay for a while” she said coyly. George coughed taking a half step back

“Ahem… and where per say are the King and Queen right now?” he asked. She looked at him

“King Yolo and Mother are in the Stronghold deep in celebrations… do you remember when we first met?” she asked as she stepped close again

“Yes… I do” George said. She looked up at him and whispered

“Hello, I’d like some sex… please” her voice was low

The Stubby Narwhale did not leave port that night, the Captain had changed his plans telling the crew that the war was won, and perhaps they should take the evening to enjoy themselves… one only lives once.



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