War Math

The Worst Kind of Math

This Tally will come in mid way through next session once the time has been spent going through, everyone can add another 2% MIA to each unit, they may be found when you finish searching the area, some men were trapped under brush or rock or water, other dragged down below the waves stolen away by demons… may not be dead yet?

please let me know if your faction has a specific means of dealing with their dead (trying to raise, burial, burning, buried at sea, we recover bodies and bring home, we leave to rot, we bury where they fell ect)

Aqua Front


1000 Aqua Calvary
3500 Light Aquatic Infantry
500 Aquatic Clerics
6 Ships

Severely Wounded (out for a month or more possible lost limbs, diseases or other complications)

34% Wounded

220 Aqua Calvary
196 Aqua Calvary Mounts
1557 Light Aquatic Infantry
88 Aqua Clerics


27.333 % Dead

310 Aqua Cavaliers
400 Aqua cavalier Mounts
735 Light Aqua Infantry
195 Aqua Clerics

Forrest Front


21 Dactyl Battalions (21000 men)
4000 undead
500 elite dwarven urgoshmen
3000 heavy Honalian Calvary
900 mixed fey
3000 Don-Tonian Crossbowmen
1200 Trolls
3000 goblin orc auxiliary troll support
5000 Fire Worshipers
500 elite fire body guards

Severely Wounded (out for a month or more possible lost limbs, diseases or other complications)

28.04% Wounded

7140 Dactyls
42 elite dwarven urgoshmen
1800 heavy Honalian Cavaliers
1920 heavy Honalian Cavalier mounts
108 mixed fey
90 Don-Tonian Crossbowmen
48 Trolls
840 goblin orc auxiliary troll support
650 Fire Worshipers
10 elite fire body guards


27.41% Dead

3780 Dactyls
3160 undead
433 Dwarven Urgoshmen
540 heavy Honalian Cavaliers
720 heavy Honalian Cavalier mounts
162 mixed fey
360 Don-Tonian Crossbowmen
252 Trolls
1800 goblin orc auxiliary troll support
700 Fire Worshipers
455 elite fire body guards

Gate Front


5 Dactyl Battalions (5000 Dactyls)
1000 Honalian Infantry
3000 Mixed Light Infantry
1000 Aerial Dactyl Calvary
100 fire sorcerers

Severely Wounded (out for a month or more possible lost limbs, desises or other complications)

21.28% Wounded

1450 dactyls
180 Honalian Infantry
360 Mixed Light Infantry
120 Aerial Dactyl Calvary
241 Aerial Dactyl Calvary Mounts
12 fire sorcerers


25.94% Dead

1250 dactyls
254 Honalian Infantry
754 Mixed Light Infantry
180 Aerial Dactyl Calvary
361 Aerial Dactyl Calvary Mounts
81 fire sorcerers



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