War Stories Pt 1

War Stories

Major Aido Rockforge looked over the three companies of Urgoshmen under his command; the Squashin Scorpians, the Squashin Saxons, and the Squashin Sand Sharks. They were to provide cover and assistance to any units that called them in at any location during the battle; they had even been outfitted with water breathing potions if so required, though Aido really hoped it would not come to that.

Most of her troops were sitting in small huddles, drinking from canteens or gnawing on iron rations… they were settled in a small field near the healing tent awaiting their first call. The Commander had been clear that they were an auxiliary unit and not to show themselves to the enemy unless required.

“What time does the Battle begin at Major?” Captain Garc asked, he was in command of the Saxons, and had what appeared to be some pre battle jitters. The Major pittied him but was not in the mood to hold anyone’s hand.

“Dunno Captain, they made the main land a few hours ago, could have already started for all we know”

“Do you think we’ll see some action today?” the Captain asked, trying to sound like he hoped for it, though his voice betrayed the effort.

“Captain” the Major spoke with poise looking him in the eye “We are Dactyls, of His Majesties prized Urgosh Battalion, there is no way by Dumathoins Beard or Hithilums Brow that we will go unbloodied this day…” he stopped cocking his head to the side for a moment, then turned back to the Captain raising his voice much louder “High Port Forest Front, Hostiles engaged at the south Western Swamps, somehow the damn cavalry got drawn in there and are being picked to bits… we’re covering a retreat so be prepared to go in hot… Mark yer partners, TELEPORT IN 24 SECONDS!” the Men sprang to their feet stowing gear quickly and readying weapons, each breaking into small clusters of five men and pitting each other back to back

“How do I look?” Yolanda turned showing off the mail shirt and double horned helm. She did a quick spin showing the green cloak with a quickly stitched helm on the back, marking here as a Sqaushin Saxon. Soshana eyed her sister for a good long moment shaking her head

“like an idiot… you’re going to get yourself killed” she said. Yolanda shot her a look of distain

“I am not, I have been told I am one of Yuri’s top students with Urgosh, I can hold my own just fine”

“I’m not doubting that…. I think Mom is going to kill you when she finds out what you have done” at these words Yolonda’s face paled slightly but quickly she fastened her resolve

“I need to make my own way, I can’t ever earn a command if I don’t join the army” the fiery princess stated

“You’re not joining the army, you’re sneaking into a battle… I don’t think they give commands out for that either” The sisters glared at each other for a moment, but Soshana broke the tension… just be careful, once you are out there I will alert Captain Thria, that I found your note, she should be able to get to you quickly and have you’re back…” she held up the note that her sister had written “… just remember, when Mom comes a talking, I didn’t have anything to do with this, and I certainly didn’t get you those boots” Yolanda looked down, and smiled, she quickly offered her sister a hug, but both were startled when they heard the shouting outside the healing tent

“Mark yer partners, TELEPORT IN 24 SECONDS!”

Soshana and Yolanda looked at eachother, Soshana quickly fastened the strap on Yolonadas helm and tucked a potion in her pocket

“Just in case” she said. Yolanada smiled at her

“I won’t need it, but if it makes you feel better I will carry it” with that the young princess scrambled under the wall of the tent and quickly mixed into the group of Urgoshmen who began teleporting out



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