War Stories pt 4

Grug looked down at the battle field below, the trolls fought with a savage fury, a grin spread across his face as he recognized battle frenzy. It was like becoming one with the world around you, the grace and gory combining into a brutal dance of death. The battle did not last long, less than a minute by his count, then the call came up and he surged forward with his men. Six Hundred orcs and another 250 goblins were under Grugs command and he led them into the field of wounded trolls. The Trolls had been victorious and driven back the onslaught, but now it was for the second half of Chief Mordakkas plan.

“Goblins, find the limbs, get them held against the right trolls so their regen kicks in faster! ORCS we hold this field until our Trolls are standing again, nothing touches a troll without you being dead first.” The orcs let out a furious cheer spreading out as the Goblins began racing about finding lost troll appendages and bringing them to their owners… or at least as close as any could tell. Grugs eyes looked ahead; the battle was far from over, but he hoped the trolls were up before it reknewed.



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