War Stories Pt 7

“MAME! THEMS HORSEMEN SEEM TO HAVE MADE IT OUT, JUST GOT WORD THAT THE MAJOR IS PINNED DOWN WITH THE SCORPIANS OVER ON THE GATE FRONT, SEEMS THEY GOT INTO SOME TROUBLE TRYING TO PROVIDE RELEIEF TO THE MAIN DACTYLE FORCE, THE CAPTAIN RUNNING THE SAND SHARKS FELL ON THE BEACH FRONT, THAR’S ABOUT 75 MEN ARGUEING WITH A LUIETENENT SAYIN THEY SHOULD PORT BACK TO CHISTLES POINT AND AWAIT FURTHER ORDERS” the lieutenant briefing Yolanda said it all in a matter of fact tone, his chain shirt was ripped by a nasty claw gash and his was well caked in mud, generally he was an excellent representation of what the surviving sixty men of the Squashin Saxons looked like. The princess ran her bloody hand through her ickor soaked hair, those tentacles things tended to gush when killed, she sighed grumbling a host of curses

“Hithilum be damned yellow pansyed cowards…” she then turned and looked at the lieutenant “Who’s claiming command over there?” the Lieutenant was quick with his response

“Lt. Hawker Mame, took command after his captain and first LT fell, good on logistics, not a battle fronter…”

“Bah….” She waved her hand derisibly “Why by Dumathion is he in an elite unit if he’s not a battle fronter?” the Lieutenant furrowed his brow working on how to formulate a response but she cut him off “Doesn’t matter now… inform him that I am taking Command of the Sand Sharks, anyone who does not report to my position within thirty six seconds is either dead or considered a defector and traitor… get that done, tell are boys they can have a quick drink, wither a potion or water, but that’s it we are porting within the minute… seems like we got a Major in need of some saving. The LT stood at attention giving a brisk salute before turning and barking out orders. she reached down and grabbed her canteen taking a long pull… it was going to be a long day.



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