Jericho watched as the last of wagon of the Dragon Caravan left the western gate. They had not been happy with that name but honestly, he didn’t care. He looked as Horse began its final checks to head out, they would depart within two hours’ time. It wasn’t fast enough four days and already the later Caravans were loaded heavier than the early ones, things were being forgotten. He began to head back into the town, he cursed his limp and the damn crutches, but the chills had left him weakened and he could not yet walk far without them.

Jericho watched as group 3 of the outriders began to mount up, they would patrol the entire caravan route today and assure the travelers were well cared for. Ideally he would need a few more weeks to get this running smoothly, realistically he would have to have the last of the caravans out within the next day, two at most if their plan was to work.

He soaked in the city of Oaken Glen, this was his home, it was all he’d even known, and now he would burn it to the ground… there could be nothing left for the devils, and their couldn’t be a temptation for the caravans to ever return, there would be only death here. He hurried as best he could though his town hoping he would catch the last group of Outriders before the left for the bridge, they would need to be able to update the others on where they could rendezvous with the townsfolk, and not be alarmed when Oaken Glen went up in flames behind them.



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