You're my only Hope

Selwyn sat staring into the space where Soshanna’s tiny image had been. Her mind was reeling, her stomach was twisted into a knot filled with anger, worry, and regret.

Azazial stepped forward and placed her hand gently on Selwyn’s shoulder. Selwyn turned her pinched face toward her mother. “You cannot waste this opportunity my dear, you must respond. I know you feel helpless right now, but you have a chance to giver her some hope, do not squander it.”

“But I don’t know how it works, or what to say.”

Azazial looked at her daughter and saw the uncertainty and indecision that was usually kept well hidden. “Just begin, before your time is up.”

“Soshanna,” the moment Selwyn spoke her daughter’s name, a tiny shimmering Selwyn appeared in the air before them. As she went on the tiny version of herself appeared to be writing everything down in a small leather notebook it held.

“Soshanna, I hope and pray everyday for your safe return. It has been 97 days since I was alerted to your departure. Today is the 16th of Patchwall. Since the day you left an odd phenomenon has befallen us here. What would have at first seemed a blessing is now clearly a curse. Mortals cannot die. They can sustain massive injuries that would normally mean certain death, but they remain alive and conscious, writhing in pain. Immortals like myself and your grandmother cannot heal, the smallest of injuries will kill us, and we will be gone for good. The trolls cannot regenerate and no amount of healing magic has been able to help anyone.

When you return, which you must do soon, make sure that no one in your company is injured. Heal first while you can and take great care to avoid injury. I do not yet know where you will fall in this spectrum between mortals and immortals. I love you. Please be safe. Please understand that although you are there to help your friend, it is not worth your death. You must assess the situations that you find yourself in, and if the risk is too great, or if your company is out-matched, turn back. There is no dishonor is living to fight another day. You are a wiser woman than I, I have always known it, use your wisdom.

I will pray for your safety everyday. And when you encounter the Kattegat do not forget: you are a dwarf. It’s good to know that even in the fey realm, dwarves for dwarves holds true.

Yolanda, Prometheous, Grandmother and I miss you so much our hearts are breaking. Please come home soon. I want so badly for you to be here to greet your father, and that time is coming amazingly fast now.

All our love,


The moment she finished speaking, Selwyn’s tiny impersonator closed it’s book, nodded determinedly, and vanished.

Selwyn and Azazial were left to wonder if that hologram was the last image of Soshanna they would ever see.



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