Abraxis (Dead)


Age: 98


A mage from the southern end of the known world, he had travelled as an adventurer in his youth. He fell in love with the Yuanti experiment Eve after his party killed the mage who had created her.

He is currently the mayor of a small village called Sanctuary, and father to Salar.

Though senescence wears away at his body, magic has kept him as mobile and active as ever. The roll of mayor is rather easy in Sanctuary, though maintaining the spells protecting the village is not, nobody who could do so nearly as well as Abraxis has been found yet.

Though he knows his time is coming in the next couple of decades at best, he does his best to hold of the inevitable end, not so much for himself, but for those who he would leave behind. Eve’s race, whatever its specific life span is, definitely outmatches a humans, by his observations a ratio of about 2 to 1.

Additionally, without someone else to support the spells hiding Sanctuary, it would not be long before others discovered its existence uninvited… Whenever he thinks of the results, his mind recalls the massacres following the Talib war. Nobody had cared to ask whether those killed still followed their deposed leader, or even ever had. Someone would point a finger, and two hundred man would jump at the chance to earn some glory.

Besides, his only son was out there right now, trying to make a place for himself in the ignorant world, as where the children of many other villagers.

Perhaps his greatest dream is to see the day when Sanctuary is no longer needed, when all those who hide within it can be accepted in the world as it has grown, without need to hide their identities.

So even though his body wishes to cease, he refuses to allow it. He is after all a mage of significant calibre, and it is HIS body. It will obey him till he is done with it, and not a moment sooner.

Abraxis (Dead)

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