Aine Behn

A Slight Yet dedicated Paladin of Raven


Aine was found at the edge of a fairy grove as a baby. A Mysterious woman by the name of Haleen took her in and raised her as her own. Thought to be half fey at first it was soon discovered the Aine was a bizarre mix of fey and celestial. Weather it was by some deal between the green realm and celestia or a theft of one of the infants of the divine realms is still unclear and Halleen was unconcerned with such trivial matters regardless. Her strange matching of nature made her earnest and curious creative and passionate. The energies that coursed through her body though giving her many boons and strengths seemed to not meld well on a physical level and she often struggled with sickness and ailments. her legs were never very strong and she found dificulty moving as quickly as others. Haleen raised Aine in a secluded hut in the forest. She alway had food and supplies though were she got such things was a mystery to aine. Haleen always fostered Aines celestial nature encouraging her with stories and advise that would instill a sense of honor and benevolence into the child. when Aine was around 6 years old a Gheale by the name of Avacyen arrived at Haleens hut leading a young sayter in tow and accompanied by a hooded troubadour who did not mention his name. The hooded figure explained that Avacyen and her brother had been shunted into the material plane after being wounded in a great battle and lacked the strength to return to thier own realm while Avacyen recovered her strength and searched for her brother she had taken on the charge of this young saityr child and was looking for a place that would be safe to raise him. Haleen said that there was a small cabin not far from thier hut that Avacyen and her charge could stay. Haleen seemed to recognize the hooded figure but if she did Aine did not figure out anything more till later in her life. Thus Aine met her first friend the saityr Leneus Emberhail . During her childhood The bard returned many times bringing gifts from faraway lands and telling great tales of adventure and legends but never did he reveal his face to her always keeping his cowl and cloak up. One day when she was about sixteen the bard burst in in the middle of the night holding another young woman about Ains age in his arms. She was garbed in nobles clothes and was the most beautiful woman Ain had ever seen as if her features had been sculpted out of marble. Haleen and Avacyen came rushing in to see what the fuss was. The bard said that the girl was being pursued by The current Queen of the land. She was a Shabati a powerful living simulacrum created to be the scapegoat for rulers who feared repercussions for their henieus deeds. This one had run away and was trying to find safety from her old life He asked Haleen Avacyen if she could take refuge with them at least for a time. Both being of a paladinly disposition Haleen and Avacyen accepted despite the risks. The bard then said he needed to make sure The girls trail was properly covered and disappeared into the night. Aine had never herd of a simple troubadour being able to thwart kings and queens like that and combined with all the strange tales he had spoken of during his visits she began to wonder who thier mysterious friend was. “With certainty I can tell you that man is known as the Raven or the Everlast” Haleen said in a quiet voice “it is said that he is older than argyle itself.” she walked over and started looking over the new girls wounds.
“Is he a god?” Aine asked in aw. something older than the world itself had to be a diety
“I am not certain” Haleen replyed " If he is he demands no worship and seems to look out for every good being he comes across on argyle. He also seems to be at every site of conflict right before calamity befalls it. So it is really hard to say if he is a harbringer of destruction or a force of good."
“I beleave him to be some sort of fey” Avacyen interjected as she layed on hands the shabati. His energy is that of the green realm and his habits and quirks point to a fey. Aine was becoming more and more intrigued by this stranger and she vowed to find out more on him but first she had to help tend to their new guest.

When the shabati awoke they found her name was lilliam Ambrose and her Aine and Leneus began the tentative steps of getting to know each other. Lilliam spent much of her time in the woods away from the cabins communing with nature and it was through that connection that the three of them eventually became friends. Leneus tried many times to catch lilliums romantic attentions but for all his effort she spurned his advances choosing solitude more often than not she eventually emerged from one of her woodland walks with a bear in tow that became her closest companion but that is another story. As for aine she poured herself into research of the Raven and after many years of study of dusty old tomes snuck away from the library in a nearby town she concluded that The raven was indeed a being worthy of worship and thus The stormcrows first dedicated paladin was born. It was around the time that Aine finished her paladin training that their little family unit fell apart demons began ravaging the countryside Avacyen took up the caus to fight for the common people during this time of strife. Leneus took to the road to gather information on the state of the green realm (and to explore world following hiw wanderlust) and Haleen inexplicably vanished leaving no trace or warning of her departure. Lilluim agreed to accompany Aine on a quest to locate Haleen believeing that she had been in hideing long enough that the royal family that had been hunting lillium was most likely dead of old age by now so together with the mighty bear the two girls went on a quest to help argyle and to find their mentor Haleen .

Aine Behn

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