Anita Sall

Magical Child Prodigy and Tiberius' ward


Anita Sall: Female Honalian, Sorcerer. Anita is usually seen skipping around town in her purple dress, often much more jovial then most situations call for. Even for a young girl she has an intense magical aura, and unlike many Honalians, hers is growing, not diminishing..


One of the many refugees from the past, Anita Sall faced a bleaker future then most when her parents were among some of the first causalities in this new land.

Not much is know about the manner of her parents death but deamon and devil action is assumed. Anita will rarely ever talk about it, she was found looking stunned and teary eyed at the savaged corpses of her parents. there was no evidence of the assailants that killed them except for the outlines in scorch and ash on the walls around them.

She was taken in by one of the church orphanages and her potential was recognized relatively quickly and she was closely watched at first for the protection of the others in the tinderbox of a shanty town Chistols point had become, but after the second deamon attack on her was foiled, she was watched to keep her safe from outside influence.

The commander of the Bear Legion has taken her safety into his own paws and though he does his best to hide his true nature form her, she is quickly figuring out that something is not normal about her beloved bear ‘Tibbers’, but she has not seen a single deamon since she was given him down by the lake.

Anita Sall

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