Anita Vervech

A white Raven Culinary Expert


In the harsh Criminal underworld one must struggle for survival. Developing deadly and unique skills in order to give one an edge on the rest of the other ruthless killers and scumbags. Assasination, Secret magical arts, crossbow mastery poison use, a Silver toung or….cooking skill. Anita stumbled into the criminal underworld when she was young after her grandfather and caretaker past away. She had lived her whole life in the far northern regoens of argyle sheltered from others and taught the ancient secrets of her family that she treasured and carried in her heart. Naive and youthful one would have thought her blunder into the realm of criminals and vagabonds would lead to a tormented life as a slave or a quick death but instead it started a bizar kind of gang war over who she would end up cooking for.

You see the family secrets she had been taught were secrets of culinary arts. Secrets of long forgotten cooking techniques and ingredients that had been passed down in her family for generations each new generation taking up the torch and perfecting their craft. When the demons came her family had fled north but not before her father had lost his life to a fiend. when Anita was little more than an infant her mother died of devils chills leaving her aged grandfather to look after Anita. Regardless Anita grandfather had taught her the craft and when he passed on she had vowed to pick up the torch and insure that the sacred arts of culinary perfection were not lost to argyle during this upevel so she went on a quest to continue learning new recipes and techniques as well as shareing the joy of good food with the disheartened argyle. Whomever she cooked for found themselves utterly bewitched by the amazing flavors she concocketed out of every manner of ingredient. So much so that they felt compelled to protect her. That such beautiful flavors could still exist meant that there was still hope for this dark and dangerous world. She made her way through the various criminal organizations working in there kitchens until she had studied enough in the region before moving on.much too the dismay of her former employers but so good was the food she made that no one could think of harming her so they let her go. It was when she was traveling alone through the mountains trying to reach a dwarven stronghold to touch up on her dwarven spicing techniques that she ran into Raven. The two stayed an evening in a cave nearby to wait out one of the mountains many storms. To Anitas Delight Raven seemed to have expansive knowledge of ancient recipes and forgotten cooking techniques. Likewise to Ravens delight she was an amazing cook. He offered to accompany her on her way to the dwarven fortress given that he too had business there and his combat experience could be useful in looking out for her while she traveled. She accepted and the two continued onwards to the fortress. They ended up spending many more trips together. after his business was done in the fortress Anita continued to travel with Raven trading meals for stories of the ancient past. As the weeks past and she witnessed all the effort the old bard was putting into plans and countermeasures against the forces of evil Anita became more and more aware of the true scale of the plight that plagued argyle. one day on the trail She asked Raven if there was anything someone like her could do to help. Raven stoped and smiled. “Coarse there is, you got a unique gift a gift that can bring great joy into the world. In my opinion your just as valuable as any great general or powerful fighter. How would you like To cook for the troops?” Anita was more than game to help in that way perhaps this was the day her family had been working towards all their lives a time when their craft would save argyle!

Anita Vervech

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