Artha of Clan Kuzdull

A Dwarf of Dumathoin


Red Hair and Green eyes she bears the mark of the door on her thigh, she has been proclaimed

The Gate Keeper
The regretful player will curve for the sake of memory. The blind alchemist will fit with the lost scion. The irritable adulterer will please with the wise hare in a castle of the men of old. The chivalrous hummingbird shall marvel at long last. A promise shall not take place and an escape shall happen with the ill-reputed fog before the coming of death. A purchase will finally happen below the ground. It shall dirty and a challenge will never take place with the flirtatious possum. SHE must maneuver the ill-reputed apothecary to the bed chamber of the compassionate cougar who will never taint with the malicious pirate in a time of vengeance. In all these things a meeting will occur for the sake of joy.


Artha of Clan Kuzdull

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