Autumn Evergreen


Autumn’s circumstances of birth are not well known but what is known is that her tree ended up growing in an open plain far from any dryad forest’s indeed far from any forest at all. So it was that the little dryad was left to fend for herself fighting of tree eating insects, woodcutters and various other unsavory folk for a number of years in her early life. This independants, self reliance and fear made her very aggressive though she was still small her tiny bow was still firing sharpened sticks with could kill if well aimed. She eventually drove the humans of the nearby settlement to aggressive action in response to her shooting a woodcutter in the foot. The villagers were organizing a party to drive the “evil little wood spirit” away from the tree unaware that this would kill the fledgling dryad. It was when they were marching down the path towards Autumns tree armed with axes and torches that Raven Happened to wander by. upon hearing a quick explanation of the situation raven realized the circumstances and talked the villagers into letting him handle the problem. The villagers returned home and raven approached the tree. Having had no contact with any other fey Autumn had no idea who Raven was and after no small number of sharpened sticks hung puncturing ravens flesh did he manage to calm her down enough to talk to her. He explained to her that not all other creatures were enemies and that it was best not to provoke humans as they could be quite bothersome when excited. Autumn agreed to leave the humans that wandered down the path near her tree alone as long as they didn’t do anything threatening. Though with her childlike mind raven wasn’t sure of what she would consider threatening so he decided to stick around a few days to make sure no more misunderstandings arose. During his stay autumn talked almost nonstop about everything she had seen in her short life around her tree. It struck Raven how lonely this little girl must be with nothing but her sapling and the wind around them to keep her company. Her ability to survive this long alone also moved him and he decided that he could spend some years of his life watching out for her until she was old enough to safely fend for herself if for no other reason than to keep her company on this lonely. hillside. Autumn was thrilled with the Ida of having somebody to talk to and so Raven became autumns guardian.

Countless years past as raven spent time playing songs under a growing sapling to a growing autumn. Telling her stories of the world and of his travels and of all the wild and wonderful creatures of argyle. She particularly enjoyed hearing tales of her own kind, the idea that somewhere out there there were other dryads seemed to comfort her and she always said at the end of his stories that she would like to meet them someday. She would point at the surrounding plains and say that one day she wished that this spot would be the center of a lush thriving forest teaming with dryads and unicorns and all manner of fey creatures. Soon enough the sapling was a tree and the little girl was a young woman. Given the things Raven had taught her combined with her already tenacious survival instinct she was more than strong enough to look after herself and Raven realized that it might be time to move on. however when he spoke of leaving one day her distraught reaction told him that there was one thing she needed help with before he became the wanderer again. so he set out on a quest. Assuring her he would return soon he set out looking for other dryad groves. He spoke to the dryads there making them aware of autumns plight and after exchange of some services got the dryads of various groves to give him some fertile seeds. to plant around Autumns tree. For years he did this traveling all over argyle each time Coming back to the hill and planting the seeds from different dryad groves around Autumns tree. Autumn was doing her own part as well given that there were a few extra seeds around her tree that raven hadent planted he assumed that she was coming into her own and finding siuters while he was traveling. finally the hilltop was covered in saplings and the sound of young tree spirits playing could be heard all around. This provided its own difficulties of coarse. Guarding so many young dryads from the dangers of argyle was no easy task but one look at autumns beaming face made it worth it for the sentimental old Bard. Many more years past and soon enough the stand of trees became a grove and the grove into a forest. Autumn had gone from a young dryad into a Matriarch of this forest and was showing signs of growing into a Hamadryad. on closer inspection of her tree raven realized now what he had suspected when she was younger. Her tree was a mystical tree that usually only grew in the fey realm. no fey had ever seen one die of natural causes meaning Autumn may very well live forever. It also explained why she had been found all alone on a empty hill. her seed had probably drifted in on a wind from the heart of the fey realm.

Alas raven had spent enough time among his own kind and the events of the mortal world were beginning to stir once more so with a fond farewell and a promise to return he went on his way as he always did. After he left autumns forest continued to grow and eventually began to connect to other dryad groves becoming a bastion of nature withing argyle. when the demons and aberrants came she provided refuge for those that would oppose them. keeping the woods as strong as she could over the years of demonic reign and though great swaths of it were lost she kept the heart of her forest in tact making the hill of her childhood a bastion of nature. When raven returned she offered her aid to her old friend and given his exhausted state he gladly accepted it. She now ralleys the armies of the fey spearheading the resistance of natural beings against the demons and working with the white ravens to ensure the safety of all good beings on argyle.

Autumn Evergreen

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