Bárðr Geirason (dead)


Summoner from the village of He’l, North of Twinport on the eastern sea


In the trading village of He’l, one of the southern most trading ports of the Vsjir people. There led by Jarl Glesgar the village prospered in trade and held their land against monster and man thru strength of arms and the cunning of the wolf.

Jarl Glesgars brother, Odrir the Sledge, was the villages greatest warrior and war leader. Fiercely loyal to his brother and unmatched in the field he fought without tire dreaming of one day winning a seat in Valhalla to drink and wench for an eon until called to fight at the end of time. His Wife, Selwyn, was an outlander who 30 years prior had washed up on the shores of their village from a shipwreck after a storm. She was secretive about her past, only saying she was a refugee from a war down south and offered her services as a healer to the town if it would take her in. Together Glesgar and Selwyn had 5 children; Senth, Freya, Io, Halla and finally Bardr.

Senth and Io, the older of the boys were blessed with their fathers skill with a blade and were trained form a young age to be warriors of the village. Senth in particular showed cunning and leadership qualities that landed him a position of a Skirmish Leader among his people at an abnormally young age.

Freya followed in Selwyn’s footsteps of becoming a healer and wise woman, while Halla dreamt of becoming a spear-Maiden and one day being chosen by their gods to be a mighty Valkir.

The only of the children that did not fit neatly into the village was Bardr.

Bárðr had been born at the last storm of autumn when the lightning still danced in the sky, but by morning the ground had been painted white in snow. His mother died brining him into the world her final scream of birth the first thing he heard. The runes cast over his birth showed ominous portents; hagalaz, raiðo and eihwaz; and left the family uneasy with their new child signalling such disaster and coming with such pain. Despite not being as fast or as strong as many of the other children he would play and wrestle with he was never left out and was well liked among the villagers. He displayed a quick, keen mind that learned lessons quickly even if his body was slow to demonstrate what he knew. His father was one of the few people in the village he could never seem to impress. Though his uncle the Jarl would often tell him not to worry and he would make his mark and earn his fathers respect one day it stung Bardr he was not favoured.

On Bardrs’ 16th birthday the shaman Namagem returned to the village. Namagem had not been back to He’l since the night Bardr was born; when he cast the ominous runes over the boy. Namagem spoke to Glesgar and Odrir and told them he had seen great visions of destruction for their village and for a remnant of a remnant to survive Bardr was to leave and train with Namagem.

For 3 years Namagem trained Bardr in the magics of their tribe and the lore of their ancestors in preparations for the trials he had envisioned. Though he drive him hard, he never revealed why he was trained so stringently. On Bardrs’ 20th naming day he returned with Namagem to He’l to visit his family but the first of the disasters to strike his people had struck. A group of slavers from the southern city of Twinport had come in the night while Senth was out leading an attack on a local bugbear infestation. The slavers stuck quick and fast in the night killing many and taking many more away. Senths’ war-band returned just in time to force the raiders to retreat with only a quarter of their holds full of strong slaves. Senth and Odrir set out immediately to go and pursue the raiders. Meanwhile Namagem and Bardr found a surviving raider who under questioning revealed that strong slaves were being called for by the church in the great Quarries to the south.

While Namagem stayed to help the people with his magics and assist the healers, Bardr set out to twinport to find word of where his people had been taken. He went to the church of Damie in twinport and asked after the head of the church there. After days of waiting he was finally allowed to speak to a officiate who refused to listen to the outlandish claims by a barbarian of slavery in the churches name. Despite all Bardr could find and try the officiate was obstinate in the church would never condone such a thing and he decided should go find the raiders himself.

Bardr set to the docks to try to find ships similar to the slavers. There he found one of the very ships that had raided his village, identifiable by the shields taken from their slain warriors display like trophies along the ships hull. Bardr confronted the ships captain who upon hearing that Bardr was from the same village as the batch of slaves that made him so much money from the church tried to capture him as well. Through magic, cunning and luck Bardr managed to escape the docks and bolted from Twinport to return to his people to see if Senth was able to find where his people had been taken.

On his way back to his people, Bardr met with a travelling priest of Themis named Mattrim. Bardr told Mattrim of his peoples plight and the churches callous behaviour. Matthew was appalled the church of Damie would be using slaves captured in blood to mine for their new holy places agreed to travel to He’l and see what aid he could render.

Upon arriving at He’l they were greeted with a scene of unbridled destruction. The raiders had come back while Bardr was travelling north and with much more magical firepower. The town was in ruins and the people missing or dead, the only one alive they found was the Shaman Namagem who clung tenaciously to life in the burnt our shell of a building. Mattrim and Bardr took him to one of the few standing houses and tried to heal him to no avail. While the wounds of flesh were mended, his body was old and frail and the shock was sending on his final course to Valhalla. Mattrim left soon after to report the travesties to his own church heads and bade Bardr to seek him out if he should come south. Namagem knowing his time was short, began to teach Bardr his final lesson; how to summon a true ancestral spirit to fight and journey along side him to free their people.

A few days after Namagem had finally passed on, and while preparing for his journey to find the head church of Damie to try to get them to free his people, he summoned his ancestral spirit expecting to see one of the Valkir come down to travel with him but was surprised by the visage that greeted him and would forever change his destiny…..

Bárðr Geirason (dead)

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