Baron Nigel of Belledonna


A warrior Baron, Nigel is rarely in court and more often out on the frontier lending support to his Knights, he only returns to the capital if he is needed for an important vote or for midwinter festival


Of his parents, only his mother Dowager Baroness Emma of Belledonna -65

His fathers brother Sir Tibolt still lives and watches the city while he was away -69

Of siblings he has a younger sister the Lady Ellenor of Belledonna -38

and a younger brother Sir Stephan of Belledonna -36

he also has a bastard brother Sergent Gawain -34

He has three children oldest to youngest

Squire Powl of Belledonna -13

Lady in waiting Bridget of Belledonna -10

Page Mace of Belledonna – 9

Baron Nigel of Belledonna

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