baron Raoul of Smythvally


Known to be a thinker and cautious, Raoul dosn’t like new things, or new ideas, or anything new, he also is known to be a little superstitious . he is married to Baroness Vivien of Smythvalley


His mother passed some years ago, but his father Lord Simond of Smythvalley still lives, surprisingly at the age of 87, he gave up his seat almost a decade ago, but has managed to survive the long years, some say feeding his sons superstitions and fears of judgement

Raoul has 4 siblings in order they are

44- Sir Hotch
36- Lady Tilda
32- Sir Everrett
30- Lady Messa

He has four legitimate children and one bastard

27 – Alise – she is not a legitamate heir, but her father has taken a shining to her, and she has been given great station in Smythvalley proper
25- Sir Percival of Smythvalley heir to the barony
23 – Lady Giselle of Jost (married)
20 – Sir Brien of Smythvalley
14 – Squire James of Smythvalley

baron Raoul of Smythvally

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