Blaze Danger

Level 7 Human Sorcerer (Element Fire)


Human Sorcerer Level 7
Bloodfire sorcerer
Represents element of fire.

Follower of Vulcana Stone.
Was formally of the Fire Nation but came over with Lord Sinon when he gave up leadership of the fire nation.

He found the Church of Ymeri to be overly bureaucratic and misogynistic and wants to worship the element of fire in a less restrictive and oppressive environment.
His mother was a priestess in the church and cast out of the church and her marriage to his father was not approved by the church when it was found out that she was not a virgin before her marriage.

He gave himself a new name when he left the Fire Nation and became Blaze Danger.

He also is interested in working with followers of other elements and is looking forward to seeing what they can do together.


Blaze Danger

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